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Editor in Chief

Editor in chief with inspiration

Editor in chief Paul Bury takes a moment to rest between issues of Family Friendly Gaming with one of his sons. The editor makes a wonderful pillow, and Kleenex for the young one. Paul Bury knows the calling for him from God - to bring the light of Christ to the dark, and dank world of video games. Professionally he is a Senior Computer Programmer/Analyst who has also done some SQL DBA duties, and website work. This may lead some to immediately assume he would become a video game designer/developer. Paul realized the power the media has in influencing people as to what video games to buy. He also became disgusted with so many gaming magazines calling bad things good, and good things bad. What does God say about the moral content of video games? How do our favorite games affect our moods, attitudes, and opinions? What lessons do our favorite video games teach in the audio visual methodology?

History of Family Friendly Gaming

Magazine Cover History of Family Friendly Gaming

Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame

Staff Listing


Editorial in Chief: Paul Bury
Art Editor:   Yolanda Bury
Freelance writer: Tim Ashley
Inspiration:   Peter Bury
Inspiration:   Noah Bury
Sports:   Frank Bury
Hunting: Kimp Boykin
Game Journalist: Mark
Game Journalist: Luke
Game Journalist: Sam
Game Journalist: Roger
Working Man Gamer: ???
Kid Gamer: ???
Game Journalist: ClassicTyler (retired)
Game Journalist: Wes (retired)
Game Journalist: Chris Owens (retired)
Game Journalist: Rich Garner (retired)
Game Journalist: Alan Lane (retired)
Game Journalist: Nathaniel Dziomba(retired)
Game Journalist: Milluma (retired)

Art Direction

Art Director

Art director Yolanda Bury teaches baby Noah about the business, how to draw, and lets him sleep during crunch time. Yolanda does an amazing job staying at home watching the two kids, and still finding time to play games, do crafts, artwork, help at the local school, and attend church functions.

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