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Prayer / Praise



This page will be used to put up prayers that different people have for all of us to be praying for, and the praises in our lives. God is so good to us, and there is always something to find to be thankful for. There are also areas in our lives that God is working (and/or allow us to be tested).

Please pray for

Jobs for Nate and Carter

Funding for Family Friendly Gaming - All

Brothers health issues. - Cheryl

God to provide some more writers so we can grow. -Paul

Noah's continued development and growth - Yolanda

Nathan from Dinglepharb Studio who was in a car accident.

Praise God for

All of the people who contribute to this magazine and website. -Paul

For inspiration Noah's wonderful developments over adversity. - Yolanda

For the miraculous recovery of Reese Wagner. - Family Friendly Gaming

For reaching over two million unique IP addresses - Paul