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Pure Pool 

JLA Adventures Trapped in Time 

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Soon Shine

Roman Holiday

HomeTown Story

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Tetrobot & Co

Tetrobot & Co has a really cool feature in the undo button. We can back track to fix a mistake. Which is important in a game like Tetrobot & Co on the Wii U. Which brings me to how this downloadable only home console game controls. We tap on the screen where we want our little robot to go to. He moves there if he can. Read More >>



There are some violent war scenes in Maleficent. The magical creatures are hording all kinds of treasures away from the humans. When the humans try to show their interest in sharing they are vicious murdered, and run off. There are also scary images and scenes in Maleficent. Read More >>


Castle Conqueror EX

One of the coolest things about Castle Conqueror EX is you gain gold even when you lose a battle. This can help players level up so they can hopefully beat it the next time. A stylus is needed to play Castle Conqueror EX. All of the action happens on the bottom screen. Read More >>


Super Smash Bros

I still can't believe Nintendo is discriminating against Family Friendly Gaming after all these years. Family Friendly Gaming has made Nintendo millions of dollars. They get one story exposing their hypocrisy and discrimination against Christians and they treat us like this. Well it gives FFG a good opportunity to show we are not one of the paid off gaming websites that is feeding the gamergate scandal. It also shows what a thin skin, and vindictive nature Nintendo has. Read More >>


Nancy Drew Labyrinth of Lies

Nancy Drew Labyrinth of Lies on the Personal Computer is the thirty-first first person perspective game from Her Interactive. They are churning these games out about as fast as paper back books come out. Know what is missing from this game? I will get into that in just a little bit. Read More >>


Magazine reviews from Family Friendly Gaming #82

Reviews in the e-magazines get released on a later time table. Enjoy these review(s) from FFG #82.

Metal Slug 1st Mission (Neo Geo Pocket)
Flicky (Genesis)
Life of Pi (DVD)
X-Men Volume 5 (DVD)
Zoo Hospital (Wii)
Journey Collector's Edition (PS3/PS4/PS Vita)
Sing Party (Wii U)
Dig Dog Out (PC)
Spy Hunter 2 (PS2/Xbox)
Freakyforms Deluxe Your Creations Alive (Nintendo 3DS)
HomeTown Story (Nintendo 3DS)

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