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Looking for the highest scoring games per system? The please check out the Top Ten Listings.


Dragon Quest IV Chapters of the Chosen

Back in 2008 the ESRB gave Dragon Quest IV Chapters of the Chosen an 'E10+' for Everyone ten years old and older. Many thought this hand held role playing game should have gotten the thirteen and older rating. Why? Take a look at the descriptors the ESRB found: "Alcohol Reference, Animated Blood, Mild Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, Simulated Gambling, and Suggestive Themes." Read More >>


Frederic Resurrection of Music

Frederic Resurrection of Music is a classic example. The storyline brings a dead composer back in life to battle (musically) different styles of music. He eventually stands up against a record executive who is the evil guy. I wonder how they feel about the greedy executives in the video game industry? Read More >>


The Legend of Heroes Trails in The Sky

The PC exclusive features in The Legend of Heroes Trails in The Sky include HD resolutions, significantly faster load times and customizable controls. Additionally, enhancements back-ported from the PSP system release include New Game +, English battle voices, and selectable difficulty levels after the initial playthrough.  Read More >>


 Sofia the First The Enchanted Feast

The five episodes on Sofia the First The Enchanted Feast are The Enchanted Feast, The Buttercups, Tea For Too Many, Great Aunt Venture, and Two Princesses And A Baby. The length of Sofia the First The Enchanted Feast lasts around 113 minutes. Read More >>


Machines at War 3

Family Friendly Gaming has written about it for years now. The rise of indie games in the industry is good in some regards and bad in others. Too often indie games do one thing really well. Too often the developers are too close to the products to see their game through the eyes of others. Read More >>


Magazine reviews from Family Friendly Gaming #81

Reviews in the e-magazines get released on a later time table. Enjoy these review(s) from FFG #81.

E-SWAT (Genesis)
Roman Holiday (DVD)
X-Men Volume 2 (DVD)
Avatar The Last Airbender The Complete Book 3 Collection (DVD)
Journey (PS4/PS3/PS Vita)
Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition (Wii)
flOw (PS4/PS3/PS Vita)
flower (PS4/PS3/PS Vita)
Stratego Next Edition (Nintendo DSi)
The Penguins of Madagascar Dr Blowhole Returns Again (Nintendo DS)

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