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Rayman Legends 

Adam's Venture Episode 2 

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MLB 14 The Show

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Disney Infinity Phineas and Ferb Toy Pack

The Disney Infinity Phineas and Ferb Toy Pack comes with an Agent P figure, a Phineas character, and two power discs. The two discs are the Phineas and Ferb Texture Set, and the Skydome Power Disc. The two figures are also playable characters within Disney Infinity.  Read More >>


Bit Boy!! ARCADE

Bit Boy!! ARCADE is one Nintendo 3DS game that is stuffed full of charm, character, and personality. The game designer is talking to his creation. They discuss things in a way that feels real. The depth of the story in Bit Boy!! ARCADE is fantastic. Read More >>


Flowerworks HD Follie's Adventure

Flowerworks HD Follie's Adventure reminds me of The Lorax movie. When the people see a plant, and are singing about let it grow, let it grow. See we have a floating space alien character. I think he or she might be a plant. And looks nothing like Zhaan from Farscape. Thankfully Flowerworks HD Follie's Adventure keeps its characters family friendly. Read More >>


Vacation Adventures Park Ranger

Family Friendly Gaming has covered hidden object games for some time now. Plenty of them on the iPad, a few on the PC, and a few on the Nintendo 3DS. This is where we find Vacation Adventures Park Ranger - on the 3DS. This downloadable hand held video game does something really neat. Read More >>


The Sandbox

The Sandbox contains references to Genesis, and God. Which is fantastic to see. In many ways we are actually the creator in The Sandbox. Another way of looking at it, is we are God in The Sandbox. I love being able to create things in games like The Sandbox. Read More >>


Prince Killian and the Holy Grail

Prince Killian and the Holy Grail does eventually explain the knights background. I won't spoil it for you. It is predictable though - since he is the hero and all. Prince Killian and the Holy Grail contains violence, blood, death, enticement to lust, and lack of clothing in various parts. If rated I expect a PG-13. Read More >>


Magazine reviews from Family Friendly Gaming #77

Reviews in the e-magazines get released on a later time table. Enjoy these review(s) from FFG #77.

WWE 2K14 (PS3/Xbox 360)
Twilight (DVD)
Duck Dynasty Battle of the Beards (iPad/iPone)
Skylanders Lost Islands (iPad/iPhone)
Mario Super Sluggers (Wii)
Adam's Venture Episode 2 (PC)
Fifa Soccer 13 (PS Vita)
Pokemon X (Nintendo 3DS)
Pokemon Y (Nintendo 3DS)

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