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Wooden Sen’SeY

Wooden Sen’SeY on the Wii U bows in respect to Japanese games from the past. Which means American gamers may get it, and they may not. I did not get it, most of the time I played Wooden Sen’SeY on the Wii U. That's okay because I am not the target audience of this downloadable only video game.  Read More >>


Abyss Odyssey

If you took Diablo and put it in a 2D side scrolling world, then you would get Abyss Odyssey. That really is how I see Abyss Odyssey. The levels in Abyss Odyssey are randomly generated. Although there are really only so many things they can do in a level, so they end up looking and feeling similar. Read More >>


Strike Force Foxx

Let me give you one really important tip. Do not land on the hostages in Strike Force Foxx. That kills them. Also do not spend much time trading shots with enemy troops. If you do, you will most likely wind up blowing up, and failing the level. Also pay attention to your gas, and use your boost near the end. Read More >>


ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red

The gates in ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red are my biggest irritation. Special key words are needed to open them. The gate gives a hint about what to do to get the passwords. What irritated me is I had already fought those enemies. I would have to go back and fight them again. It would have been nice for the enemies to provide the password the first time I beat them. Read More >>


Farming Simulator 14

What is the goal in Farming Simulator 14? To make money. You can plant crops, sow crops, hire NPCs to help you, sell milk, breed cattle, and more. I love purchasing new farm equipment, and going on the local roads. I was going a whopping three miles per hour. Actually Farming Simulator 14 lets us go faster. And there is no game complaint about going too fast. It puts that ceiling down and we are good. Read More >>


Magazine reviews from Family Friendly Gaming #80

Reviews in the e-magazines get released on a later time table. Enjoy these review(s) from FFG #80.

Avatar The Last Airbender The Complete Book 2 Collection (DVD)
Terraria (PS3/Xbox 360)
Fable The Journey (Xbox 360)
X-Men Destiny (DS)
Phantasy Star Portable (PSP)
Castle Conqueror Revolution (Nintendo DSi)

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