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Digimon Adventure tri Determination

I am thankful Shout Factory sent Family Friendly Gaming a reviewable copy of Digimon Adventure tri Determination on DVD. This movie continues the story from Digimon Adventure tri Reunion. Digimon Adventure tri Determination also ends with a shocking ending that makes me think there will be another movie after this one. The storyline is slowly being revealed in these movies.  Read More >>


Zeus P1 RGB Optical Gaming Mouse

I was ecstatic to use Zeus P1 RGB Optical Gaming Mouse once we got the package. In fact check out the Unboxing here. I found it easy to use Zeus P1 RGB Optical Gaming Mouse with its grips on the sides and extra buttons. After 20 minutes with Zeus P1 RGB Optical Gaming Mouse I figured out how to change the colors and now have a circling rainbow (makes me think of Noah's Ark). Around an hour later I had made two macros which i am proud of. Read More >>


Fallen Legion Sins Of An Empire

Fallen Legion Sins Of An Empire is a 2 Gigabyte download that could cause some families to have ISP fines. Fallen Legion Sins Of An Empire is a very complicated game. From combos to perfect shielding you need to know the game's mechanics before you try to play Fallen Legion Sins Of An Empire. The story in Fallen Legion Sins Of An Empire seemed like it was lacking and the "choices that decide fate of the empire" really didn't. In Fallen Legion Sins Of An Empire the only real plus that I can see is the nice music. Read More >>


Asdivine Cross

Asdivine Cross is yet another RPG gem video game from KEMCO. KEMCO is listening to the gamers who want the RPGs made by KEMCO to be more family friendly. In Asdivine Cross they removed profanity for new words made by the devs of Asdivine Cross. Asdivine Cross is however more difficult than previous entries in the Asdivine series even on the easiest mode. Asdivine Cross does improve the controls so that they are more fluent and less glitchy than KEMCO's last RPG. Read More >>


Magazine reviews from Family Friendly Gaming #115

Reviews in the e-magazines get released on a later time table. Enjoy these review(s) from FFG #115.

Valentino Rossi The Game (PC/PS4/Xbox One)
Paper Mario Color Splash (Wii U)
The Golf Club Collector’s Edition (PC/PS4/Xbox One)
World of Final Fantasy (PS Vita/PS4)
Lego Dimensions Adventure Time Level Pack (PS3/PS4/Wii U/Xbox 360/Xbox One)
Barbie and Her Sisters Puppy Rescue (Nintendo 3DS)
Cartoon Network Battle Crashers (Nintendo 3DS)

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