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Cordova, TN; July 31, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is giving all ya’ll a peek behind the curtain. We are explaining how we do what we do. There has been some confusion among PR folks on what we cover, and what we don’t cover. Or maybe they don’t care since their clients pay them to get coverage. There have also been PR folks that try manipulative tactics to get their way. Those manipulative tactics fail with us. We are not gaming cheerleaders. We are not bloggers. We are card carrying, US Patent wielding members of the media. We are one of the few conservative Christian video game websites in the industry. Part of a small percentage that brings the voice of diversity to the video game industry - especially in the gaming journalism sector. We also refuse to participate in the culture of corruption.

There are plenty of questions we ask as any content is provided to us. Is it family friendly? This may seem like a no-brainer, but we get all kinds of press releases, videos, screenshots, and more with grossly inappropriate materials. What is even worse is when they check back and have to be told (yet again) it is not family friendly. Another question we ask is: does this fit into what we cover? You might be laughing about this one, but remember most PR folks do not respect us, see us as their slaves, and could care less if they are properly targeting. From a re-organization at a music company to thermal detonators we get all kinds of odd content we don’t cover. What makes matters worse is if we are nice to them and run with something out of our scope, they send us five more stories. They expect we will just give them their way all day long. As if they are the only person on the planet. It is very nice there is an orchestra event in New York City, we are not publishing it.

Once we get past the preliminaries and decide we will finance the publishing work on content a company sent us then we have to determine where it goes. Remember they send in no financially backing for the work we do. The majority of PR are moochers making massive profits for these companies and getting financially rewarded themselves. Sharing is not a word in their vocabulary, unless they use it to try and belittle and demean the publishing work we do. Kind of like when they insult us and call us bloggers. BTW bloggers only work on what they are paid to work on. Really lets the air out of their balloons since PR never pay us anything, no matter how much money our work makes them. We look at where we have a need. Do we need a News story online? Do we need images in an e-magazine? Where something ends up many times has to do with what holes we need to fill at that time.

Take for example Tuesdays and Thursdays. For some odd reason the majority of press releases come out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Some stories we hold off until Wednesday, Friday, or even Monday. Maybe we have already paid for the publishing of a story on that product this year. You would be amazed at how excessive some PR folks get with products. Some expect us to publish work for them three times a week. The excessive abusers get written down, and checked. We also check how many times we have published coverage of a certain product. If we are tired of hearing about a certain game, we figure you probably are as well. This PR Piecemeal strategy is one of the worst things any PR firm can do. The lack of respect for our time and our resources is highly offensive. We have stopped working with certain companies because they are excessive abusers. We have also stopped working with those who support the culture of corruption.

We gauge our interest level in a story. We give so many PR folks so many opportunities to present something of value. Not everyone is equal in this regard. Some press releases contain so much propaganda, lies, and twisting of the truth that it costs us too much to edit it. Some companies are control freaks and demand we use their Youtube channel (without paying for the advertisement), or their blog. We don’t do that. They lose their opportunity to be covered. The same goes for those who ignore our company policies on advertisements, Kickstarter, and Free Apps. Those policies were put in place for valid reasons so we can continue to exist. Some press releases are so short they do not warrant the cost of building all the pages out. We also get rehash all the time. Meaning we already published the story and we get the exact same story again. An expectation that we will constantly check a companies press site for new stories instead of receiving an email can slow down or even completely lose coverage for a company.

The things that can also reject the publishing of work is an entitlement mentality from PR folks. Also PR folks that act like this is a one way street where we do everything for them, and they do nothing for us. We have lowered coverage for some companies whose PR representatives can not act professionally. Some PR folks fail to reply, lie, and fail to keep their word. Some have tried to get us to be corrupt. Some PR folks have been hate filled. Some have been arrogant. Some have been selfish, self-centered, and self-absorbed. Some PR folks are harassing. Some try to force the idolatry of political correctness down our throats. Some PR folks throw threats at us. Some have tried to manipulate and control us. Some PR folks are supporting bigotry against Christians. None of those evils work with us at Family Friendly Gaming. We take the path of light against all of that darkness.

Once we get past all of the rejection phases of what we do, then we begin the work on the story, image, video, etc. For a press release we begin the editing process. We read through the press release looking for errors. We add: “IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD,” right before the year. We remove propaganda. Notice how every single company claims to be leading? We actually published that for all of these companies in the past to see if anyone noticed it. I love it when a press release claims something is award winning. Not with us, so why would we include that phrase? Pages are built, uploaded, and then checked online for any errors that were missed in the creation process. For a video we watch the video, and then upload to Youtube. We get the embedded code from our channel and use that on the pages that are build. For images we look at the pics, and use the amount we can handle. Some companies send us over one hundred pics for a game and expect us to pay for all those hours to build all those pages and then verify all of them. We work to keep it to fifteen images or less in an online page per update.

Reviews are one of our most interesting processes. We receive the physical copy and start to play the game. For the dreaded download codes we download the game, as long as it won’t give us ISP fines for data usage. A twenty gig game can really hammer the Internet usage agreements. Which is one of the reasons we are such supporters of physical copies. Being able to sell, trade, and give-a-way a physical copy is another reason. Notes are taken as the game is played, and checked against the Review Scale. Multiple members of Family Friendly Gaming check out the game and give opinions. A discussion between someone who has played, and someone who has not played is enacted. We find it beneficial to have someone who has not seen the game to ask questions. Many times additional references are put in a review based on those questions. The game is played again checking for any additional questions. Finally the review is written. It is then proofed, and edited by two different editors. Finally the pages are created, and published online.

There you have it. A behind the scenes look at what we do, and how we do it. It may sound simple on paper. We are constantly finding new things, and ways to improve as time goes on. We are also facing different things in different time eras. From death threats to discrimination because we are Christians. From massive support to tons of products coming in for our review. We even reject some products due to a lack of resources.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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