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All About Control


I came to a realization recently. A light bulb went off over my head. I had an epiphany like never before. The biggest issue in the video game industry between the companies and the media is all about control. There are so many things that happen in the video game industry that baffle me. The selfishness of many companies and their PR firms. Their thin skinned nature and take my ball and go home temper tantrums when they do not get their way. Their desire to be worshiped and given better treatment that other human beings. How they viciously attack reviews and reviewers that put them in a bad light. How they try to frame the conversations. How they brag about their successes and hope no one notices their failures. The underlying key component is control. Many of these companies and PR firms want to control what is said about them. This is why the punish those that criticize them.

What these control freaks fear is media outlets like Family Friendly Gaming. We don't worship at the idolatry of political correctness. We are Biblically correct instead. We do not drink the Kool-aid. We will not let them control us. We stumble and fall sometimes. We make mistakes sometimes. We are honest and genuine about it. We admit to our mistakes and work to avoid making them in the future. Which of your favorite gaming companies makes the same claims? How many actually admit to mistakes instead of playing the blame game? We understand that because we do not let them control us we will be treated like second or third class citizens. At the same time we will put their misdeeds out in the public forum. We will not hide their mistakes because they want us to. I have noticed over the last decade that dealing with many major companies and their PR firms that they act like toddlers throwing a tantrum when they do not get their way. Every time we give them their way we are the greatest thing on the planet. The second we don't then we are scum who do not deserve to be acknowledged. That kind of one sided behavior from them is evil. It exposes how they are trying to control us.

I have lost track how many times people in PR are disrespectful of our time, energy, money and sales our promotions bring them. They want more, more, and more. They are never content, and never satisfied. Know what else? They rarely share what we made them. Because it is about control. They want us to be their slave labor, and they want to control what we say and do where it concerns them. I find it sad that too many gaming sites let them get their way every single time. Post the news stories without even looking at them. Post the news stories as is every single time. Most of these companies start their press release with 'leading video game publisher'. So there is thirty companies all in the lead? Why aren't my fellow editors and gaming journalists thinking about this? How many games are rehash of something else? Why don't the news stories reference that? I wish more of my fellow editors and gaming journalist recognized these companies are trying to control us. Think for yourself and do not give them their way 100% of the time. They will only treat all of us worse when you do.

God bless you and yours,
Paul Bury
Editor in Chief
Family Friendly Gaming