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Heaven is for Real


Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is commenting on the Heaven is for Real movie. A couple of us were in attendance of an early screening of Heaven is for Real in the Memphis, TN area. First reaction was one of shock – they are really hateful about cell phones. I understand not wanting us to record a movie and put it up on the Internet. That is something we would never do. Plus with how the legal system is, anyone who did that would get that video pulled quickly, banned from whatever site, and then hunted down by the police. The gift bag, and gift T-shirts are neat. Of course they are advertisements for the movie – something we have come to expect from early movie screeners. I still have my Soul Surfer pen.

I have been to multiple different early viewings of a plethora of movies. I go to them nowadays with a little bit of dread. Why? Family Friendly Gaming has had some bad experiences with certain movie companies. They want us to promote their movie, and make them a lot of money. Many promise advertisements with Family Friendly Gaming. Then when it comes time to pay for their promises – well all the excuses come out. It is at that point we realized it is a one sided relationship. We work for free, and make them millions of dollars. We never receive any financial compensation that allows us to continue working for them in the future. We give everything, and they just take. It disheartens me at times. The selfishness of so many organizations saddens me. What disheartens me even more is some ministry leaders are making money for these companies because they are given a few trinkets.

Heaven is for Real will give you chills. And at more instances than you may even think. I am a very methodical person. So I want to know what happens from start to finish. Someone has a near death experience, and I want to know this happened, and then that, and then this other things, etc. We can stop along the way and give details – that is cool. Heaven is for Real tries to explain away an experience here or there. Even shows the hated greedy Google, and unreliable biased Wikipedia. Heaven is for Real does not barrage you with all of the evidence at once. The four year old Colton gives shocking detail, and experience at various points in this movie. Eventually the evidence mounts up into a mountain. One that can not be ignored, and can not be explained away. He seems to know what to share with someone at the opportune moment. Things he would not know about.

I expected Heaven is for Real to be about a little boy dying, going to heaven, and coming back. There are twists and turns in Heaven is for Real that I was not expecting. In many ways Heaven is for Real is more about the father, who also happens to be a pastor. Here is a pastor faced with the reality that he was not being true. He was not believing in heaven. He had to come to grips with what he believed and why. Heaven is for Real can open so many eyes. Not just to heaven being a reality, but also to things like there are people in roles of ministry that are doing it for a job. They preach it. They teach it. But they do not believe it. I hope Heaven is for Real confronts people like that. Heaven is for Real is one of the most thought provoking movies I have seen all year long. Remember we are continually bringing up thought provoking topics for our readers and industry. So it is something we readily recognize.

God bless you and yours,
Paul Bury
Editor in Chief
Family Friendly Gaming