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From the Editor's Desk


When the Game Stands Tall


Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is commenting on the When the Game Stands Tall movie. A couple of us were in attendance of an early screening of When the Game Stands Tall in the Memphis, TN area. Long time readers know the drill. They see the sweat dripping as it is time to write about another early screening of another movie. Soul Surfer remains my personal favorite sports related movie. When the Game Stands Tall is my new all time favorite football related movie. I wish I was playing a home console, 3DS, and PS Vita game based on When the Game Stands Tall - but I am not. Even though there is big money in faith based movies, it has not translated into the video game world. Which is a real shame, because it is a missed opportunity. Maybe someone reading this will implement my idea. You know what would be even more awesome? After they implemented the idea, they paid me a royalty.

When the Game Stands Tall teaches about team work, and what is really important. Having a good character, doing the right thing, helping others, and more is shown in this movie. Too many in our society live for self. Those people need to see When the Game Stands Tall. At the same time I have to acknowledge there is a real double standard going on here. When the Game Stands Tall is a product. Sony is trying to sell When the Game Stands Tall to as many people as possible. The whole point of a movie screener is to give us one free movie, and then have us work countless hours to make them as many sales as possible. I end up feeling like slave labor out of the deal. Like my work effort has more value than one free movie.

So the question becomes: will a movie that teaches us to have good character be applied by those making the money off of it? I wonder if they will send advertisements in the direction of Family Friendly Gaming as a thank you for our work making them money. Or will they take all of our work for granted? Whether they discredit themselves or not, has no real bearing on the message in When the Game Stands Tall. There is football violence in When the Game Stands Tall. Certain players take some wicked hits. I should know. I played high school football, and dished some of those out. Not bragging, just clarifying. I am not proud of everything I have done in my life. I have made mistakes, and I continue to make mistakes. It is by the grace of God I continue on, striving for perfection every single day.

God bless you and yours,
Paul Bury
Editor in Chief
Family Friendly Gaming