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MLB The Show 18

Unless you play in that retro game play mode. Then it does not look as good. There are multiple difficulty settings so you can win or lose as often as you like. I enjoy winning like 14-1 if you know what I mean. My dad and brother had a good game here. Read More >>


Snipperclips Plus Cut It Out, Together!

Have you ever wanted to like a game so much, but were not able to? That is how it was for me with Snipperclips Plus Cut It Out, Together! on the Nintendo Switch. I found this game to be obnoxious. Puzzles do not always make sense. We have to be perfect on filling certain shapes. Read More >>


Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology is a port of a Nintendo DS game with one side timeline added. Atlus did little to make this game better. In fact propaganda is how I define what Atlus USA says about this game. Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology is disappointing on so many levels. The lack of new content, the lack of graphical improvements. Read More >>


Civilization VI

Civilization VI can be played in Single Player, Multiplayer, Game Options, Additional Content, Tutorial, Benchmark and Credits. There are multiple difficulties, game speeds, map types, and map sizes in Civilization VI. I like the customization options found within Civilization VI on the PC. Civilization VI is one of those games I can play again and again. Read More >>


MotoGP 17

Too few people blame the gaming companies for corrupting those other gaming media outlets. They have withdrawn reviewable copies, press releases and more for gaming media outlets that do not give them their way. That should be investigated by Congress. Read More >>