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The Kindred

Family Friendly Gaming requested a digital download code for The Kindred on Steam. Since I am writing this you should be able to come to the conclusion that Family Friendly Gaming received a digital download code for The Kindred on Steam. This PC video game is in Alpha. I know what many of ya'll are wondering. No we were not paid to play the game in Alpha. I completely understand that sentiment that gamers should be paid to be QC analysts when they are playing Alpha versions of video games. Read More >>


The highly divisive and extremely controversial religious word evolution is still being used in this franchise. Konami obviously does not care about who they offend. They are losing sales from it, but are too arrogant to listen. The music can be a pain to turn off in PES 2017. The music is better in PES 2017. The graphics are better in PES 2017. There are more options in PES 2017. There are more things to do in PES 2017. Read More >>


Fifa 17

Fifa 17 took forever to install. Why can’t we just play this soccer game from the disc? Another choice we are being denied. I turned off the gross music in Fifa 17. Thankfully it can all be turned off in one place. The announcers are okay in Fifa 17. This game has a very European flavor to it. Read More >>


NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 fell flat for me this year. Maybe it is all the hype and propaganda that surrounded it. Maybe it is the creepy eyes in too many of the players. Maybe it is the lack of any good, interesting or decent modes. NBA 2K17 brings back Team USA. Which makes me wonder why it was removed. Read More >>


Kirby Planet Robobot

I am so sick and tired of having to get so many items in a world to unlock the boss level. I had to replay certain levels multiple times to get enough Borg cubes to unlock things going forward. This Nintendo game play mechanic made me angry in the real world.  Read More >>