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Baja Edge of Control HD is a really fun video game. I had a blast racing in Baja Edge of Control HD on the Playstation 4. This is a decent racer game that is not as involved or complex at some other racing games. At the same time Baja Edge of Control HD is approachable by all skillsets within a family. Read More >>


Madden NFL 18

It is such a shame to see the Madden NFL franchise sink into failing review score status. What is EA Sports doing? They are sabotaging themselves with Madden NFL 18. Their PR and Marketing failures have already been documented. The decline of the NFL has also already been documented. Read More >>


Driveclub VR

So Sony took a poor racing game and put it in VR. It did not help this game in terms of the poor controls. I had others here at Family Friendly Gaming try Driveclub VR. There was not one person impressed with this Virtual Reality racing game. Everyone got some form of motion sickness from this Playstation VR video game. Read More >>


Everybody’s Golf

I complain about the controls in golf games all the time. Everybody’s Golf has a bar. We hit ‘X’ to start it, then hit ‘X’ for the power, and finally hit ‘X’ back at the beginning for control. As we play Everybody’s Golf and do well the clubs we use will level up. That means we can hit it farther, and have better control. Plus we get to do more activities than just golf in Everybody’s Golf. So that is pretty neat. Read More >>


Knack II

I used my own spending money to purchase Knack II on the Playstation 4. The PR people for Sony were not capable of replying to any of the requests Family Friendly Gaming put in. They also failed to respond to the massive amounts of coverage Family Friendly Gaming did for them on this game. Ungrateful, unprofessional, and unthankful come to mind.  Read More >>