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Pokken Tournament

I like how mega evolution was upgraded to Burst Mode in Pokken Tournament. This is great to see the religious belief of evolution not being pushed by this game. I learned that Pokken Tournament allows grabs to go right through blocks. Read More >>


Stuart Wyrick East Tennessee Sunrise

The lessons on the Stuart Wyrick East Tennessee Sunrise CD are being with a woman you love, outrun those trying to get you, outsmart those trying to steal from you, how bad it is to break promises, how much pain some people cause others, stressing out because of others, God will make a way...  Read More >>


Road To Ballhalla

Family Friendly Gaming was provided a beta code for Road To Ballhalla on Steam. We were not provided any payment for playing and finding bugs in a game that has not reached its final release. What do families do in this Personal Computer video game? We roll a ball around the maze like levels avoiding traps, collecting orbs and finding the end goal spot. Sounds really easy and fun right? Read More >>


I am thankful Family Friendly Gaming purchased a copy of Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness on the PS4 for this review. The plagiarized BSG music welcomed us into this role playing game. Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness feels like a Square Enix game. It does not feel like a Star Ocean game though. It takes forever to get into space... Read More >>


Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero is the worst Star Fox video game I have ever played. This space shooter that also has some Robotech transformations in it (and lets us move around on the ground) has the worst controls of a game I have played in years. We look at the TV screen to fly around, and then look at the Wii U Gamepad to shoot things. The gyroscope is clunky at best. I crashed into things because I was looking at the other screen way too often. Read More >>