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 Battletoads   Battletoads

My dad told me about Battletoads back in the day. So I thought it would be cool for us to play it. Noah (aka Teen Gamer) also joined us in playing this game. Did you enjoy our Twitch streams of this game? If you missed them please click here. Make sure to follow us on Twitch. It costs nothing and you can chat with us while we are playing games like Battletoads and more. The developer of Battletoads is Rare and the publisher is Xbox Game Studios. Read More >>



 Rugby League Live 4   Rugby League Live 4

Hopefully you were one of the many viewers that watched Peter and I live stream Rugby League Live 4 on the Xbox One. If you missed it then please click here. It took us some time to figure out the controls in Rugby League Live 4. Peter insisted we play blind and not look at the instruction manual. The developer for Rugby League Live 4 is Big Ant Studios. The publisher for Rugby League Live 4 is Tru Blu Entertainment. Read More >>



 One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows   One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows

Did you catch the stream me, my dad and brother did of One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows? If you missed it please click here. We played this game on the PS4. One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows can also be found on the PC and Xbox One. The live stream of One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows really showed what is missing from this game.  Read More >>



 Sea of Thieves   Sea of Thieves

The issues families will have with Sea of Thieves are violence, blood, lack of attire, ghosts, skeletons, false goddess, alcohol, vomit, and more. Sea of Thieves will force new players into the tutorial first. This is a handy way to learn how to do things like search for treasure, dig, swap what you are holding, set sail, control the ship, fire cannons, swing the sword and more. Players will learn how to equip things and fix their boat. Read More >>



 Ring Fit Adventure   Ring Fit Adventure

Have you been enjoying the live streams I have done of Ring Fit Adventure? If you missed them please click here. This is an exercise action adventure video game. We move by running in place. We stretch the ring to suck in coins, and press in to send out attacks. There are also turn based battles in Ring Fit Adventure where we fight a variety of monsters. Ring Fit Adventure is a work out and that is a really good thing. Read More >>



 MotoGP 19   MotoGP 19

I played MotoGP 20 before I played MotoGP 19. I found that I liked MotoGP 19 better for a variety of reasons. The Twitch stream I did of MotoGP 19 was on the Xbox One. Obviously the graphics take a hit on the Nintendo Switch. The same thing happens every single MotoGP video game I played. I pick easy, lose badly, drop the AI and win. Read More >>