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Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame



Contrary to what some of ya'll make think we do not seek out controversy here at Family Friendly Gaming. We stand up for Christians, Christian video games, and following a God perspective on how to live life. Left Behind Eternal Forces is also a thirteen and older rated video game. I get a little anxious about reviewing Christian 'T' rated games. I know the ESRB has been known to be biased, and anti-Christian before. In fact the worldly are skilled at attacking believers. Left Behind Eternal Forces was shelved until we got a better gaming PC, and we were prepared to address it. Bigots against Christians immediately hate Left Behind Eternal Forces because it deals with the Tribulation from a Christian perspective. Read More >>


War Room

We go to movie screeners all the time. It is amazing how many different companies want to reach Family Friendly Gaming Universe. They give us a free movie before it comes out, and try to get us excited to work for them for free promoting their product. The work I am doing on this preview actually has a value ten times that of what we were given. So we are giving them way more in return than what they give us. What bothers me is they make hundreds of millions of dollars off of these movies on the backs of numerous unpaid workers. Sounds like a violation of James 5:4 to me. Read More >>


amiibo tap Nintendos Greatest Bits

The amiibos randomly unlock three minute scenes from these retro video games. What is the point? To get consumers to buy more amiibos? So they will try to get something they do not currently own. To get consumers to purchase these retro video games? I believe all of the above is the answer here. Nintendo is trying to get more amiibos sold, and they are doing so with little effort on their part. They are also probably trying to peddle these retro games. I noticed a high volume of the games in amiibo tap Nintendos Greatest Bits are in the Nintendo eShop. Coincidence? I doubt it. It is shocking how companies are deceptively using products like amiibo tap Nintendos Greatest Bits to increase the billions they already have in the bank. Read More >>


DiRT Rally

Family Friendly Gaming was provided a download code for DiRT Rally on Steam (Personal Computer). This game is huge, clocking in at eight gigs. You know the Family Friendly Gaming rule on size. Anything over one gig should always be provided in physical copy format. Not doing so hurts families, especially families who can not afford massive Internet Service Provider plans and fines for going over data usage. DiRT Rally is in the early access stage which is why a preview is being written instead of a review. Early access helps the companies by having gamers be their quality control. Plus the company is paid by the gamers to play it earlier than the complete release. Although most games are very buggy in the alpha builds. Read More >>


Pokemon Rumble World

This is a free to download, and free to start playing downloadable only hand held video game. Players need gems to buy hot air balloons that take them to areas. Well you can go to that one area every thirty minutes. Areas start cheap enough, but before long the areas cost twenty, thirty, fifty, and more gems to unlock. To make matters worse players can earn one to two gems a day. If you want to do the same tasks over and over again daily for months then you could enjoy Pokemon Rumble World. The walls that slow down the game play are what really bother me. Unless you pay Nintendo. Then you hit another wall really soon, and have to pay them again. Read More >>