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The issues families will have with Spider-Man are blood, violence, bad language, enticement to lust, and more. The fighting in Spider-Man can be very frustrating. Even on the easiest setting I would die over and over again. This meant I had little fun playing Spider-Man. I could solve the puzzles, swing around the city, and then get stuck fighting waves of the same looking enemies. It spoiled the experience for me personally. Read More >>


Forza Horizon 4

By now you should already know that we have Forza Horizon 4 on the Xbox One. I paid half of the cost, and Family Friendly Gaming paid the other half. The PR and Marketing folks representing this game were not trained in how to reply to emails, answer the phone, or reply to voice messages left. So they completely, totally, and utterly failed us. It does not surprise me since Microsoft is extremely radicalized on the far left. My suspicion is they discriminate against us because we are Christians. Read More >>


The servers available when I played Switchblade are Europe, Asia, and North America. The tutorial must be played in Switchblade before Co-Op vs AI, Competitive Ranked, Quick Play, Invite Player, or Broadcaster. The vehicles look nice in Switchblade. The menu screens are really cool. They have an almost VR look and feel to them. The voice is nice but gets obnoxious after so many repetitions, Other options in Switchblade are Collection, Customize, Stats, and Twitch. Read More >>


That's You!

There are some video games that should have never been made. That’s You! is one such video game. In fact I can see why That’s You! is selling in the single digits. This Playstation 4 game is horrible. That’s You! is yet another example of how Sony continues to fail families. Sony is obviously hostile to middle America just like Holly Weird. Do not buy this product. Sony keeps making the mistake of making thirteen and older only games and then claiming they are for all ages. WRONG! Read More >>


Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Family Friendly Gaming was given a digital download code for Ultimate Fishing Simulator on Steam recently. We saw the press release the game was being released. Thing is as we played Ultimate Fishing Simulator it said it was still early access. As you can imagine that really confused us. We talked about it and decided to do a preview and see how things went. My experiences were not pleasant with Ultimate Fishing Simulator. In fact once I finished my last game play session I un-installed Ultimate Fishing Simulator. Read More >>