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Valthirian Arc Hero School Story

Have you ever looked at a game and just knew it was going to be a lame experience? That is what happened with me and Valthirian Arc Hero School Story. I cringed at playing this game. I knew a little bit about it, and what I knew did not impress me. Valthirian Arc Hero School Story looks like a PS2 or PS3 game. Read More >>


Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn

We also get voice acting that is offensive more times than not. The issues families will have with Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn are violence, bad language, nudity, lack of attire, sexual comment, bad humor, drug references, sexual deviants and more. Expect a full review of... Read More >>


It warms my heart of hearts that Family Friendly Gaming purchased World of Final Fantasy Maxima on the Xbox One. This game sat for many months because it was such a low priority. World of Final Fantasy Maxima is a lot of rehash with some additional content. Is that additional content worth the cost of admission if you already own World of Final Fantasy? Read More >>


Shenmue 1 & 2

Shenmue 1 & 2 lets us make choices. Give money to someone for good luck or not. Do we arm wrestle someone and lose money or not. There are a variety of very unfriendly characters in Shenmue 1 & 2. What did we ever do to you? Why are they so hostile there? Whomever wrote these games really has a low opinion of certain areas and cultures. Read More >>


Barbie Jet, Set & Style!

Too many gamers are not capable of playing games outside of what they enjoy. They never stretch themselves and they never grow. I had to give him a plug since he recorded so many videos of Barbie Jet, Set & Style!. Read More >>