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Johnny Dynamite 

Victory at Hebron 

Fruit Ninja Academy Math Master

XPlane 10

Schrodinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark


Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame



Evoland 2

Family Friendly Gaming was provided a preview build for Evoland 2 on the Personal Computer. This Steam downloadable only video game expands upon the original Evoland video game in many creative ways. There are all kinds of different game play styles within Evoland 2. I spent most of my time finding out what game, or genre was being emulated. This keeps Evoland 2 fresh, fun, and engaging. Plus if you don't like any particular style or genre just wait a bit and you will eventually get through it. I played Evoland 2 as long as I could before the game would not let me progress anymore. Read More >>


I have not played Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros Edition too much yet. I did notice there is the religious teaching of evolution in Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros Edition. I hope to have a review of Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros Edition in a future issue of the Family Friendly Gaming magazine. As of right now I find more positives than negatives. If you can find Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros Edition for twenty dollars that would be a really good deal. Unless you are not into match three games where players are required to find the best moves available as quickly as possible. Read More >>



Armikrog starts out with the main character and his strange looking dog creature crashing. They are attacked by a creature and then run into a building. From there players must figure out what to do and how to do it to progress. A ghost like character offered some form of a hint that proved less than useful to me. Armikrog is one of those games where players can get stuck easily. The Family Friendly Gaming Personal Computer controller did not work with Armikrog. Read More >>


The Art of Video Games

After our wonderful adventure at the Bass Pro Pyramid we decided to check out The Art of Video Games at the Brooks Museum. Our first disappointment is we were not allowed to take pictures of the exhibit. Which is a real shame because there are a few cool things in there. The Art of Video Games takes families through the high points of video games. A variety of systems are shown with four games per system. The games seem rather random to me. I can think of better known games on each of those systems. Pac-Man, Minecraft, Super Mario Bros and a few more are playable on large screens. There is a time limit though. Our kids got a real kick out of playing on a wall. The Art of Video Games was a short experience - especially for $7 per adult, and $3 per student age child. Read More >>



After finishing up playing one of the cartridge physical copy Nintendo 3DS games a strange message appeared. Nintendo was invading my privacy, and invading my machine that I paid for, and they shoved some new icon down my throat. It was for the free app (aka repeat pay to play) video game Stretchmo. We liked Pushmo, so I clicked on it. It told me it had to go to the Nintendo eShop to download. I played along figuring at the very least Family Friendly Gaming would get a preview out of it. We needed a preview for this week too, so it worked out. After the system updated, it forgot what it was doing and I had to repeat the process from the icon. Finally it errored out telling me there was not enough space on the SD card. Read More >>