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 Luigi’s Mansion 3   Luigi's Mansion 3

Have you been watching the Youtube streams I have done of Luigi’s Mansion 3? If not please click here. We have Luigi, a hotel, E. Gadd, kidnapped friends, and a lot of ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion 3. We use the Poltergust G-00 to suck up the ghosts. We also have plenty of money to find and items to spend it on. There are multiple rooms in each of the floors. Some bosses in Luigi’s Mansion 3 are more challenging than others. Most give visual clues. Read More >>



 Jumanji The Video Game   Jumanji The Video Game

I am thankful Family Friendly Gaming purchased a copy of this game on the Xbox One. Did you catch Paul’s Twitch streams of this game? The publisher for Jumanji The Video Game is Outright Games. The developer of Jumanji The Video Game is Funsolve. Read More >>



 Dreams   Dreams

The biggest disappointment thus far this year for me is Dreams on the Playstation 4. I was so excited to play this game. There was so much hype concerning Dreams on the PS4. I was so stoked about Dreams that I chose to broadcast game play sessions on the Family Friendly Gaming Twitch channel. That did not last very long because I saw how short the games are in Dreams. Read More >>



 Dragonball Z Kakarot   Dragonball Z Kakarot

Fights take time in Dragonball Z Kakarot. Players must grind for levels to fight many of the characters. This can get old pretty fast. Expect a full comprehensive review of Dragonball Z Kakarot to appear in an upcoming issue of the always awesome Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine. Until then enjoy the Twitch streams I do of this game. Read More >>



 MLB The Show 20   MLB The Show 20

Did you enjoy my Twitch streams of MLB The Show 20? I had some fun playing this baseball video game. I also played MLB The Show 20 with my father. MLB The Show 20 is a step backwards in some regards. In other ways MLB The Show 20 moves the franchise forward. The developer of MLB The Show 20 is Sony San Diego Studio. The publisher of MLB The Show 20 is Sony Computer Entertainment. Read More >>



 Final Fantasy VII Remake   Final Fantasy VII Remake

Did you catch any of the Twitch streams I did on Final Fantasy VII Remake? I will admit to geeking out here and there. I also went into full analysis mode and found a ton wrong with Final Fantasy VII Remake. I will get into that in the full review. Plenty of things have changed in this remake version of the original Playstation video game. The lenient ESRB gave Final Fantasy VII Remake a THIRTEEN and OLDER ONLY Rating. The descriptors the ESRB passed along are Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, and Violence. Read More >>