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Family Friendly Gaming was given a preview code for Overcooked on Steam. This cooking based game starts us in the future. An evil spaghetti monster is attacking the onion kingdom. Players must chop food quickly and deliver it to the monster. Once the player fails then they get transported back in time to train. Team 17 Digital is publishing Overcooked in Q3 2016. Ghost Town games is the developer of Overcooked. Read More >>


Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle Aim High

Family Friendly Gaming was provided a copy of the Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle Aim High CD. The UPC on the back has a big black 'X' written over it. So the FCC can understand we were not provided anything with any value whatsoever. Our preview of this product does have a value to it, and we were not financially compensated for that. There are twelve songs on this CD.  Read More >>


Monster Hunter Generations

One of the accounts here at Family Friendly Gaming received two codes for the demo of Monster Hunter Generations on the Nintendo 3DS. I know what all ya'll are thinking. Monster Hunter games have been terrible. Why waste time with such a bad franchise? Read More >>


I will say something right out of the gate. I do not like the idea of women fighters. I am not into weapon beating on themselves. I can not call her a lady when she is ruthlessly beating up another woman. UFC 2 has female characters beating up other female characters. I find it gross, disgusting, and absolutely apalling. Call me old fashioned if you want. That is my opinion. Like it or leave it, that is your choice. Read More >>


The Final Station

The Final Station was only thirty meg to download. The Steam page lists it at much higher. I suspect that has to do with the full, complete, and final version of this Personal Computer video game that does not contain a physical copy. I ran into glitches while playing The Final Station. I also saw alcohol, drugs, violence, blood, gore, profanity, and more. Players are on a train in The Final Station and they stop at stations. Read More >>