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Kirby Planet Robobot

I am so sick and tired of having to get so many items in a world to unlock the boss level. I had to replay certain levels multiple times to get enough Borg cubes to unlock things going forward. This Nintendo game play mechanic made me angry in the real world.  Read More >>


No Man's Sky

Early on I got lost in No Man's Sky. I eventually found my way back to my ship. I learned that flying close to locations made much more sense. The bulk of my time in No Man's Sky was collecting resources, and crafting items. I also noticed planets started looking the same really fast in No Man's Sky. Read More >>


The main menu screen has some seriously loose mouse controls. That sensitivity can be adjusted inside the game. There are options for controls, audio, and video in Farm Expert 2017. Which is cool since it can be tailored to your system and your tastes. The tutorial in Farm Expert 2017 is lacking, especially when compared to the Farming Simulator series. The farm music will thrill you or give you a headache. Read More >>


Madden NFL 17

Madden NFL 17 is too online heavy again. The Rams intro game is interesting. The franchise mode is adequate. I like the vibrant colors. I just wish the game play of Madden NFL 17 was not broken so badly. The presentation in Madden NFL 17 is better than previous games. Which is of course a small part of the game. Read More >>


Pokken Tournament

I like how mega evolution was upgraded to Burst Mode in Pokken Tournament. This is great to see the religious belief of evolution not being pushed by this game. I learned that Pokken Tournament allows grabs to go right through blocks. Read More >>