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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

A big shout out goes to the wonderful member of Family Friendly Gaming Nation that sent us a download code for the demo of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the Nintendo 3DS. Those blessed enough to receive these codes from Nintendo can play in two quests. You have an unlimited amount of times you can play those two levels. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has online and offline modes. I did not try to find anyone online. After playing each of the two levels I really did not feel like playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate again. The download for these two levels was over 1,700 blocks. Read More >>


Jim Ed Brown In Style Again

Jim Ed Brown In Style Again has thirteen songs on it. They are When The Sun Says Hello To The Mountain, Tried And True, In Style Again, Watching The World Walking By, You Again, I Love It, Don't Let Me Cross Over, Older Guy, It's A Good Life, Lucky Enough, Laura (Do You Love Me), The Last One, and Am I Still Country? Don Cusic produced Jim Ed Brown In Style Again. R. Shannon Pollard is the executive producer. Read More >>


This rewards program I am a part of offered me a free physical copy of Ultimate NES Remix on the Nintendo 3DS. Since we support the physical copy movement here at Family Friendly Gaming I was all over that offer. Used up all of my built up points but it was well worth it. Sort of a late Christmas present for me, that winds up giving to Family Friendly Gaming Nation. This preview is just the start of what we will do with this hand held video game. We also plan on reviewing it in an upcoming issue of Family Friendly Gaming. Read More >>


Minecraft Xbox One Edition

I saw Minecraft Xbox One Edition on sale during Black Friday. I know plenty of Minecraft fans are dumping the game due to Microsoft purchasing Mojang. I also know plenty of people do not like Microsoft. I am also aware of Microsoft being very anti-Christian. So I started playing Minecraft Xbox One Edition with my eyes wide open. I know the controversies. I know the history. And finally I have learned the skills (thanks to my children) to be able to play Minecraft Xbox One Edition. By the way my kids were extremely patient with me learning how to play Minecraft on the Xbox One. Now they can enjoy this home console creativity expression experience. Read More >>


Cube Creator 3D

At first glance Cube Creator 3D is a Minecraft clone. That is until you actually play Cube Creator 3D. Then you realize Cube Creator 3D is not actually a Minecraft clone. Since there is no crafting in Cube Creator 3D. All we do in Cube Creator 3D is mine blocks, and place blocks. According to the Nintendo page Cube Creator 3D is supposed to have crafting. I looked in the house, cave, castle, sand areas, and wooded areas. I did not find a crafting table in Cube Creator 3D. Read More >>