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NBA Live 14

I heard all these mean, nasty, hateful things about NBA Live 14. I heard the game stinks on the Xbox One and Playstation 4. I heard it was a horrible basketball game, and more. I know there are haters out there. I know there is an anti-EA sentiment among many gamers. Family Friendly Gaming judges each video game based on the content. When they put in offensive content like was done in Fifa we will call them on it. When they make great football games that continue to improve like Madden NFL we will broadcast that as well.

I do not understand what all the hubbub is about concerning NBA Live 14. The players are huge looking, and this is a realistic basketball game in most aspects. I did find many of the players to be sluggish and slow. Which makes running around a defender to the hoop very difficult. But passing it around and finding a good shot was pretty easy. The announcers are not that great. EA Sports should have hired our editor in chief to call this game. It would have sounded a lot better. The music on the menu screens is abysmal. Women are dancing around in their underwear during breaks. Read More >>


I have been worried about Natsume for some time now. Their Harvest Moon games have gotten stale. They stubbornly cling to content the majority of Americans find offensive. They repeatedly ignore attempts to help their franchise reach the next level. I was very excited to hear about HomeTown Story. In fact I encouraged my hubby to run all the massive amounts of coverage we ran. I thought Natsume was going to use HomeTown Story as a chance to correct the mistakes in the Harvest Moon franchise. Sadly I was wrong. Natsume made HomeTown Story even worse than almost every single Harvest Moon game.

I do not know what they were thinking. It is like they are consistently trying to proselytize their religious beliefs. They want to brainwash everyone into their belief set, and do it in an underhanded and deceitful way. As if that were not bad enough, HomeTown Story also is confusing to learn how to play. Where are people's houses? When are they in them? Who created such a confusing maze of paths as a layout to a town? How do you get closer to marriage prospects? HomeTown Story does not even try to help you. In fact HomeTown Story feels like it was only halfway complete when it was released. Read More >>


Sherry Lynn A Beautiful Life

Family Friendly Gaming was provided a CD of Sherry Lynn A Beautiful Life. This is Sherry Lynn's sophmore CD. She has a definite strong female voice. Which is neat to see with all the news stories on how men are dominating the country charts in this day and age. Sherry Lynn A Beautiful Life contains a worldly outlook on life in multiple songs. The songs on this CD are I Like 'Em Like That, Girls Will Be Girls, Slip Into Something Mexico, What a Day to Shake a Heartache, You in a Song, So Much More, What Are You Running From, Fallin' In Love, I Could Get Used To This, and Beautiful Life (with Crystal Gayle).

Lessons in Sherry Lynn A Beautiful Life are the kind of man she likes, girls living for themselves, girls doing slutty things, being left alone, rejecting men, doing what you want to do (aka being selfish), getting over a heartache, how songs remind you of certain people, aspects of country living, leaving a small town to see the world, not letting people in, love can heal heart wounds, falling in love, enjoys getting her way, likes being the center of attention, and things to cherish in life. Read More >>