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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 The Black Order

Have you been watching the live streams I did of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 The Black Order? If not please check them out here. I have been enjoying doing them and letting ya’ll pick my team members. There are plenty of heroes to choose from in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 The Black Order. The more I play the more I unlock as well. Read More >>


ESPN NFL Football

I am so thankful Family Friendly Gaming had enough money to purchase Harvest Moon Mad Dash on the Nintendo Switch. I have no clue why Family Friendly Gaming Universe was failed in terms of a reviewable copy. My only guess is Natsume wants no sales from the 9.1 million readers in Family Friendly Gaming Universe. Read More >>


 Concrete Genie  

Every single time I play a VR video game I want to like it. I want to justify the massive cost of the PS4 VR helmet. There have been a few VR games here and there I have enjoyed. Sadly there have been way more misses in virtual reality than hits. Concrete Genie shows video game developers and video game publishers are trying to expand what a virtual reality video game is. Read More >>


I am so thankful Family Friendly Gaming had enough money to purchase Langrisser Re:Incarnation ~Tensei~ on the Nintendo 3DS. This game is from 2015. I can see why Langrisser Re:Incarnation ~Tensei~ flew under the radar. This hand held video game is not that great. Read More >>


Need for Speed Heat

I am so thankful for your donations, all of the companies that advertise with us, all of our sponsors, and more here at Family Friendly Gaming. Thanks to ya’ll we had the money to purchase Need for Speed Heat on the Xbox One. This franchise continues to lose its way in terms of being family friendly. The ESRB misses the mark yet again, and I come away thinking it could have been so much better. Read More >>