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The Legend of Kusakari 

Japanese Rail Sim 3D Monorail Trip to Okinawa

OlliOlli Epic Combo Edition

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam


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Forza Horizon 3 could have competed for a spot in the Christmas Buying Guide 2016. Unfortunately the PR and Marketing for Microsoft failed Family Friendly Gaming. Forza Horizon 3 can compete next year then. This open world racing game has done many things we asked for too. It has lessened the offensive content and become more family friendly. A great thing to see in this franchise. Forza Horizon 3 realizes it does not need enticement to lust to succeed. I am so pleased to see Microsoft listen and make Forza Horizon 3 more family friendly. Read More >>


Dragon Quest Builders

There are issues families want to know about in Dragon Quest Builders. There is religious indoctrination and prosletizing of a false goddess, violence, blood, bad language, enticement to lust, undead, monsters, and more. Do not try to swim in Dragon Quest Builders. Read More >>


Blossom Tales The Sleeping King

Blossom Tales The Sleeping King is an upcoming Steam video game coming out in 2017. This digital downloadable PC video game is similar to the 16-bit Legend of Zelda video games. Blossom Tales The Sleeping King is also a game that is difficult. I would say it is easier than the first two 8-bit Zelda video games. Read More >>


RIGS Mechanized Combat League

There are plenty of teams and mechs to buy in RIGS Mechanized Combat League. There are enough game play modes for gamers immune to motion sickness. I value RIGS Mechanized Combat League at twenty dollars. This is a hard game with the difficulty cranked up. I had to replay multiple missions many times just to complete them successfully. It can be frustrating when you team is not being very helpful.  Read More >>


The Kindred

Family Friendly Gaming requested a digital download code for The Kindred on Steam. Since I am writing this you should be able to come to the conclusion that Family Friendly Gaming received a digital download code for The Kindred on Steam. This PC video game is in Alpha. I know what many of ya'll are wondering. No we were not paid to play the game in Alpha. I completely understand that sentiment that gamers should be paid to be QC analysts when they are playing Alpha versions of video games. Read More >>