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The music in Wireway is fantastic. The graphics look good for this era. We can bump into enemies and they will launch off the screen. If we take a hit we lose some stars or fall of the screen (if we have no more stars). Wireway is a fun game that can be found at a low price. Read More >>


The issues families can have with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are violence, bad language, lack of attire, enticement to lust, false gods, odd religious beliefs, and more. The battle system in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is boring beyond belief. We initiate combat and sit there and watch. Read More >>


Rugby 18

We have played a variety of Rugby games here at Family Friendly Gaming. After playing each and every single one of them we felt like we were no closer to understanding the sport of Rugby. That all changed with Rugby 18. I felt like I actually understood a few things. Read More >>


WWE 2K18

Since we are not a part of the corrupt gaming media we do not get a free copy anymore. WWE 2K18 is 43 gigs in size. That is huge. It takes forever to install this game, and it likes to download some of it too. The loading times are long in this game too. Why are the loading times so long? Read More >>



If you try to go off the little island and into the ocean there is an invisible wall that will bounce you all the way back to the top of the hill. The PC version of Descenders is complete and different from the Xbox One version. At the time this preview was written Descenders is 3.41 gigs. As the game is changed I expect it will increase in size. Read More >>