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Family Friendly Gaming was provided a copy of the Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle CD. This bluegrass CD contains twelve songs. They are Leaving Crazytown, Hello Goodbye, You're Gone, It's A Long, Long, Way To the Top of the World, She's A Taker, Mattie's Run, Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me, That Ground's Too Hard to Plow, You Can't Take Jesus Away, Every Time You Leave, Not Fade Away, and Take A Look. There is some nice musical and vocal range shown in the Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle CD. I enjoyed listening to it for this article. Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle CD was produced by Steve Gulley, and published by Rural Rhythm. Mattie's Run is an instrumental song. Read More >>


Ronnie Reno and the Reno Tradition

Family Friendly Gaming was provided the Ronnie Reno and the Reno Tradition CD for this preview. This Rural Rhythm Records CD contains eleven songs. The songs are Lower Than Lonesome, Lessons Learned, I Think Of You, Sweet Rosa Lee, Deep Part Of Your Heart, Reno's Mando Magic, Trail of Sorrow, All That's Worth Remembering, Our Last Good-Bye, Bad News At Home, Always Late. Reno's Mando Magic is an instrumental song. Always Late has a special guest - David Frizzell. Read More >>


Krinkle Krusher

Krinkle Krusher showed me an ESRB rating of E10+ - Everyone ten and older only. The two descriptors that popped up are Fantasy Violence, and Crude Humor. Both of those are definitely in this downloadable only video game. I played Krinkle Krusher on the Playstation 4 if you were wondering. There is a magical system in Krinkle Krusher. The mage and his magic hand are what fight off the enemies. Plenty of references to other well known franchises are used in Krinkle Krusher. None of them made me laugh, but then I am a Bananas Comedy kind of a guy. Read More >>


Eastside Hockey Manager 2015

The Eastside Hockey Manager franchise was stopped due to lower than expected sales. Retail can be a cruel, and harsh environment. So SI Interactive and Sega let the series sit on the shelf for numerous years. They have brought it back now that digital downloads have proved financially viable. Eastside Hockey Manager 2015 is a digital download only video game. I know how many of ya'll in the physical copy movement feel about download only video games. Maybe with success physical copies will return at some point for this franchise.  Read More >>


Cody Shuler CD

A thank you goes out to Rural Rhythm for sending Family Friendly Gaming a copy of Cody Shuler's CD. It just says Cody Shuler on it so I suppose that is the only name that goes along with the CD. You know how most have an artists name and the name of the CD? This one just has Cody Shuler. I do not think I have ever seen that before. So Cody Shuler gets a gold star for doing something a bit different. The bluegrass sound he has is comforting and relaxing. Read More >>