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May 28, in the year of our Lord 2013 - - Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games has made an important policy change in terms of Youtube. Family Friendly Gaming will still upload videos to the Family Friendly Gaming Youtube channel. Family Friendly Gaming will stop using embedded code from Youtube channels other than their own on the Family Friendly Gaming website. This is being enacted due to multiple problems that recently occurred. The first was a company decided to pull their video from Youtube and did not notify Family Friendly Gaming. This resulted in a dead page on the Family Friendly Gaming website. The second problem was a company edited their video and offensive content was added. The third problem is certain companies are using a family friendly video to bring families into videos that are not family friendly. They neglect the safe guards Family Friendly Gaming employs.

“There has been a trend starting where a couple of companies are trying to force everyone to use their Youtube channels instead of providing the videos to media outlets like Family Friendly Gaming,” explained Editor in Chief Paul Bury. “They want complete control, and carry that over to our coverage. We will respect your rights to be the only company to house your video on Youtube. We can upload the videos to other sites like Facebook where we are assured no one will alter or remove it without notifying us.”

Family Friendly Gaming is willing to download family friendly videos that are provided by a wide array of companies. Family Friendly Gaming is willing to upload them to Youtube, Godtube, or Facebook. Family Friendly Gaming is no longer willing to use embedded code that is controlled by those who may or may not have the same values, policies, morals, and ethics that we do.

{UPDATE 08/20/2013}: This policy applies to all sites in relation to embedded video code. A third issue was added to the story.

{UPDATE 05/20/2014}: Family Friendly Gaming is now accepting written authorization from companies to monetize the videos.

- Yolanda Bury
- Family Friendly Gaming


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