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Kickstarter Campaign and Free Apps Policy Change



May 18, in the year of our Lord 2013 – Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games has made an important policy change in terms of coverage. Effective immediately coverage of Kickstarter Campaigns and Free Apps will cease. The excessively high volume of these two have reached alarming levels. The selfishness, lack of thanks, and lack of community from Kickstarter Campaigns and Free Apps has driven this important policy change.

The new policy does leave the door open for a few rare exceptions. If the editorial staff finds great value in a Kickstarter campaign or free app they are allowed one coverage item. Examples of coverage items are press releases, news story, updated news story, link, preview, review, screenshots, and videos. The second exception is if the company represented in the Kickstarter campaign or Free App is an up to date advertiser with Family Friendly Gaming. The final exception is if the company or PR firm pays a small portion of the Family Friendly Gaming production costs. Up to date pricing can be found here.

“My hubby works really hard helping so many people,” Art Director Yolanda Bury said. “Too many people are abusing that kindness to the point he is exhausted every single day and only gets through a small portion of the requests. This will separate out the ultra selfish from those who are willing to put some skin the game.”

UPDATE {10/28/2013}: This also encompasses Indiegogo, any crowd funding website, free browser games, free PC games, and free games on any other system.


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