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Dungeons & Dragons Ravenloft #3

At this point with Dungeons & Dragons Ravenloft #3 I am not getting the point. Dungeons & Dragons Ravenloft #3 does shake things up a bit. This time we have some unrelated story for the first eight pages, and then twelve pages of the main story. At least I think this story is unrelated. It can be difficult to tell. Is it a memory? Does it connect to one of the characters? I really cannot tell at this point. There will be spoilers in this review. Read More >>


Peacemaker The Complete First Season

I am starting to think that anything that comes from HBO Max is complete garbage. I was very interested in Peacemaker The Complete First Season because of John Cena. Do not let your kids watch Peacemaker The Complete First Season. The level of profanity is insane. The Peacemaker character makes little to no sense to me anymore. We find out more about the Peacemaker's background and it gets really confusing. He killed his brother in a pit fight that his dad sanctioned. His dad blames him for it. There will be spoilers in this review. Read More >>


Wild Cards The Drawing of Cards #4

I am so thankful I had the money to purchase the Wild Cards The Drawing of Cards #4 comic book and the time to read and review it. This comic book has readers continue along the path of Croyd Crenson. He meets with Dr. Tachyon to find out about his condition. If you have not read any of the previous Wild Cards The Drawing of Cards comic books or even the Wild Cards books then you should know that Croyd Crenson shifts between looks and powers as he sleeps. There will be spoilers in this review. Read More >>


Starcadia Quest #2

Starcadia Quest #2 starts to dig this story out of the pit it put itself into with the first issue. This is still a really strange fantasy science fiction world that makes little to no sense at times. The back of the front cover gives a few paragraphs explaining what has happened thus far. I like it when comic books bring the reader up to speed. As a writer you cannot assume everyone has read the previous content. There will be spoilers in this review. Read More >>


Midnight Suns #2

I just finished reading the Midnight Suns #2 comic book. This comic book series is way worse than I thought it would be. I guess I am a bit naive. There are twenty pages of content within Midnight Suns #2. There are also advertisements shown throughout the comic book. Near the end we see a preview of the cover of the next issue. Please be aware there will be spoilers in this review. Wolverine is not the only character that does not seem to fit this series. Guess who attacks in Midnight Suns #2? Read More >>


Magazine review(s) from Family Friendly Gaming #180

Reviews in the e-magazines get released on a later time table. Enjoy these review(s) from FFG #180.

Dr. Stone 10 (Manga)
Nintendo Switch Sports (Nintendo Switch)
The Gunk (PC/PS4/Xbox One/Xbox Series X)
Grid Legends (PC/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X)
Gran Turismo 7 (PS4/PS5)
Dreamworks Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure (Nintendo Switch/PC/PS4/Stadia/Xbox One/Xbox Series X)

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