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Cordova, TN; December 24, in the year of our Lord 2014--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is being open, honest, and transparent about the top three website tracking failures. Readers, companies, PR firms, and more fall for many of these because they do not know the behind the scenes issues, and motivations. Family Friendly Gaming has decided it is time to bring this important issue to the light. These three problems can no longer hide in the shadows of secrecy. The entire Internet needs to know of this, and now they will.

The first issue is all of these websites that claim to rank other websites. Know what we have noticed about many of them? They have no tracking data on websites. Let that sink in for a minute. They have no data whatsoever. Know what they do next? They rank websites. Even when they have no data, and no information - they assign a number to it. That is rather unprofessional, and extremely ignorant. Know what is more ignorant? When someone uses that as a determining factor in who gets a reviewable copy of a game. They use an unprofessional and ignorant site to help them decide. The sick part is too often they do not even scroll down to see the ranking website is totally, completely and utterly clueless.

The second issue is with website tracking sites that want payment to accurately report. Family Friendly Gaming has run into this extortion scam over and over again. A website tracking site admits they have no data, and are willing to accurately report. Only if the website owner pays them enough money. Otherwise they will purposely mislead the public, and provide inaccurate information. This sounds criminal. Yet they do it. Family Friendly Gaming believes this crucial piece of information is needed in the public forum. Websites should not have to buy accurate tracking information. Where is the honor and integrity?

The third issue deals with Google and their bounce rate scam. What is bounce rate? When someone comes to your website and views one page, that equals one hit. Google has decided they do not want to report that hit. Instead they wait to see if the person clicks on a second link on your site. If they do, then they give you one hit. Google thinks someone might have accidentally clicked on your site, and in doing so they refuse to accurately report it. This is not good for websites that have thousands of pages like Family Friendly Gaming. We routinely receive a seventy to eighty percent bounce rate (which means Google reports twenty to thirty percent of our traffic). Someone reads one review, or one news story and moves on. There is another reason Google may be doing this. Hits are connected to their advertising revenue stream. The lower the hits, the less Google has to pay out in advertising revenue. So it is in Google’s self interest to inaccurately report the data.

I have access to the log files for Family Friendly Gaming. I can see how many hits there are on a daily basis. I can see how many unique IP addresses access us. I can tell when Google, and these website tracking sites are lying. I catch them in their lies on a daily basis. They deserve none of our respect, and I highly recommend everyone reading this be highly skeptical of the “data” they report. I expect Google will try to bury this story as they have with other stories they do not like. The truth stays the truth no matter what they try to do.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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