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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs is known as frequently asked questions. Here are some FAQs (along with answers) that relate to Family Friendly Gaming the magazine, and website:

Questions about Magazine and Website

Video Game FAQs/Walkthroughs

Here are some FAQs and Game Walkthroughs to specific video games:

Interactive Parables

Minnesota Cuke and the coconut apes

Mystery of Veggie Island

Ms. Pacman Maze Madness

Luigi's Mansion

Dragon Warrior 1 + 2

Dragon Warrior 3

Astonia 3

Code Lyoko

Marble Saga Kororinpa

Penguins of Madagascar Codes

Video Game Tips and Tricks

Here are some Tips-n-Tricks to some video games:

Help Wanted (Nintendo Wii)
Employment Office (Single Player Story Mode)
Buy Uniforms to unlock more jobs.  When fist starting out you are only given a handful of Jobs to choose from.  Remember to check the TV Shopping Channel regularly and buy uniforms to unlock additional Jobs.  These jobs will also appear in Career Mode.
Practice, Practice, Practice.  Practice Jobs in Career mode to earn more money in the Employment Office story mode.
Memorial Channel Items: Remember that purchasing items gives you points, which in turn allows you to buy items to defeat the meteor (s).  Memorial Channel items by far give you the most amount of points (15%). 
Talk to people:  Some uniforms will only be available after talking to certain characters in the game.  On Sundays make a point of exploring and occasionally talk to various characters.
Manage your Time:  Always be aware of what time of the week it is and how long you have before the meteor will hit.  There are items you can purchase with points that will delay the meteor.  Also be aware that Sunday is you day off.  Try to use Sundays as you day to buy items.
Level your Jobs:  As you play the various Job mini games in Employment office, you gain experience.  When you level up from Novice to Pro you get a $500 bonus and when you level up from Pro to Expert you get a $1000 bonus.   Leveling you jobs also unlocks more challenging mini games which in turn offer more money.
If the Meteor hits: If the meteor hits all is not lost as Gramps will save the day.  Unfortunately you will suffer a monetary loss and your character will be impaired for 2 weeks.  You will however get an additional 14 days.

Specific Job Tips:
TV Shopping Crew: When the host throws fruit and vegetables at you to swing at, wait until they are slightly behind the character before you swing.
Fisher: To win big bucks try and catch multiple schools of fish.  Wait until the fish cross paths before you throw the net.
Courier:  If you fall down there is a brief period of time where you character will flash.  During this time you character cannot be harmed. 
Use this to your advantage and move out of harms way.
Firefighter:  Use short burst of water to put out fires. Don’t keep spraying water.
Security Guard:  Always watch the guy with the mohawk.
Haunted House Crew: Don’t forget to change the outfit the same color as the person you are trying to scare.  You can do this by pushing left or right on the directional button.  This will give you more money.

Water Warfare (Nintendo Wii)
Buckets and Water Bombs:
Pick up and use Buckets and Water Bombs, they soak your opponents by doing as much “damage” in one hit as several shots from your squirt gun.
Dry Off: Just about fully soaked? Over time your character will start to dry off if you don’t get hit, or to quickly recover just use a towel
Radar: Use the radar to your advantage to see where your enemies are. Look for the blips on the radar to see them before they see you.
Choose Your Weapon Wisely: There are different kinds of water guns; some are for up close and personal and some are for distance. Some even do splash “damage”, literally!
Stay Out of the Water: Running through water, such as fountains or the ocean, doesn’t just slow you down; it also gets you soaked!
Watch Your Water Gauge: As you shoot your water gun you use up the water stored inside. Always keep your water gun filled or you’re liable to be left high and dry when an enemy drops in!

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