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Game Review Template

This is the guide we use to review video games

Graphics 75


Bright and colorful graphics (up to +6) ___
Good details (up to +4) ___
Good artwork or realistic (up to +6) ___
Wholesome images used properly (up to +5) ___
Images that promote traditional marriage/family (up to +5) ___
Images that promote a relationship with God/Jesus Christ (up to +5) ___

Images of blood and/or gore(up to -20) ___
Dead bodies left on the ground (up to -10) ___
Images of the occult, or demonic(up to -10) ___
Images of murder (up to -10) ___
Enticement to lust (up to -10) ___
Images that support any form of sexual deviancy (up to -10) ___
Images that are profain (up to -10) ___
Bland graphics (up to -5) ___
Bad Camera (up to -7) ___
Violent Images (up to -6) ___

Total Graphics _____

Sound 75

Crisp and clear sounds (up to +6) ___
Sounds work well in the game (up to +10) ___
Cheerful music (up to +5) ___
Sounds that bring joy to your life (up to +3) ___
Sounds that encourage a relationship with God/Jesus Christ (up to +5) ___
Sounds that promote teachings in the Holy Bible (up to +5) ___
Sounds that promote Biblical marriage (up to +5) ___


Foul language/profanity (up to -15) ___
Sounds of murder (up to -15) ___
Annoying music/sounds (up to -10) ___
Hard to hear sounds, or sounds that do not work well (up to -10) ___
Sounds that promote the occult (up to -10) ___
Sounds that attack God, the Holy Bible, or promote false gods(up to -10) ___
Sexual sounds outside of marriage (up to -10) ___
Sounds that attack Biblical marriage (up to -10) ___

Total Sounds _____

Replay/Extras 75

A lot in the game to unlock/unearth/find (up to +8) ___
Game gives you a reason(s) to replay it (up to +5) ___
Game is fun playing with more than one person (up to +6) ___
Get your money’s worth (up to +8) ___
Local multiplayer is included (up to +5) ___

Offensive material keeps you from replaying it (up to -10) ___
Very little to unlock (up to -10) ___
Feel like money was wasted (up to -10) ___
Game is so addictive it affects your life (up to -15) ___
Extras are occultic or demonic(up to -10) ___
Extras attack God, or the Church (up to -10) ___
Sexual incentive(s) in extras (up to -10) ___
Online modes are forced upon families (up to -10) ___

Total Replay/Extras _____

Gameplay 75

Controls are quick and responsive (up to +5) ___
Control design works well (up to +5) ___
Level design is intelligent(up to +5) ___
Game is fun to play (up to +10) ___
Cooperative game play is included (up to +5) ___

Controls are not responsive (up to -10) ___
Control design frustrates or irritates (up to -10) ___
Level design gets you stuck often (up to -20) ___
Game is not fun to play (up to -20) ___
To beat game unethical acts must be committed (up to -10) ___
Game is difficult to learn (up to -5) ___
Competitive game play is all there is (up to -5) ___

Total Gameplay _____

Family Friendly Factor 75

Game promotes family values (up to +5) ___
Game promotes Christian world view (up to +5) ___
Game has good Biblical teachings in it (up to +5) ___
Game is one you would recommend to your pastor (up to +6) ___
Game promotes family time (up to +5) ___
Game is safe for the whole family (up to +6) ___
Game was a joy to play and review (up to +4) ___
You want a sequel to this game (up to +4) ___

Game attacks family values (up to -10) ___
Game promotes anti-Christian world view, or has false gods(up to -13) ___
Game teaches bad things (up to -10) ___
Become enslaved to the game (up to -15) ___
Game was a chore to review (up to -10) ___
No sequels to this game wanted (up to -10) ___
Game embarrasses or offends (up to -10) ___
You never want to see this game again (up to -5) ___
Game causes real world conflicts (up to -7) ___

Total Family Friendly Factor _____

Note: No score total may go above 100, and no score total may go below 0. If a section goes over 100, and has negatives, the negatives are taken out of 100, and the above 100 is dropped off.

Each section starts at a 75, and then goes up, and/or down based on the content.

Note: Editors can increase or drop any section's score if they deem it appropriate after prayerful consideration.