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Cordova, TN, (February 17, in the year of our Lord 2013) We started with the Big Three, and what we hope to see from them at E3 2013. Now it is time to discuss many of the other major players. What would we like to see from them at E3 2013? Buckle up, and enjoy the ride. Don't forget to email us your comments after reading the article.

Majesco Entertainment
MAMA! Majesco needs to bring back Mama. We do not care if she is cooking, sewing, camping, gardening, babysitting or something new. Well wait, we are not interested in another Babysitting Mama game. Otherwise Family Friendly Gaming will be happy with at least one new Mama game. Or a sequel to one of the previous Mama games. Even a port to the Kinect would be welcome. A Wii U Mama game would be a system seller; and Nintendo should pay us for that idea.

We expect to see a new Zumba fitness game from Majesco Entertainment at E3 2013. That franchise continues to grow and impress. NBA Baller Beats was a fantastic innovative idea last year. So we know Majesco Entertainment may have something exciting at E3 2013.

Have you been enjoying the Skylanders SWAP Force coverage Family Friendly Gaming has been doing? If the answer is yes then you are going to love what we come back from E3 2013 with. Skylanders SWAP Force will be a big part of Activision's E3 presentation. We expect to see and hear all kinds of interesting news about that game. How the experience and leveling up affects the two halves is one of the biggest things we want to find out about.

We expect there will be some new Spider-Man, and some new Transformers game this year as well. It would be great if Activision published some more games for families, and had something cool to show Family Friendly Gaming at E3 2013.

Last year Capcom had nothing for families. It was a bit of a disappointment for Family Friendly Gaming to have nothing to report on for Capcom. Especially when you consider how much money it takes to attend an E3 event in Los Angeles, California. It would be wonderful if Capcom would be tolerant and considerate of families at E3 2013. A new Megaman Battle Network game would be welcome at Family Friendly Gaming.

Namco Bandai
For many years now Namco Bandai has maintained great balance. They target the various different kinds of gamers with enough games to keep them all happy. We always find some fun and interesting games at Namco Bandai's booth space. They have so many different powerful characters to choose from that it can be hard to pinpoint just one here or there. We are hoping to see some of their older arcade games brought up to modern day concepts like they did with Pac-Man Championship DX.

Tales of Xillia has a lot of potential and excitement in the older members of the family that enjoy role playing games. It would be great if this game went for an E10+ rating like Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch did. It is always cool to see what kind of a party game Namco Bandai brings to the conference. We hope to see something in the line of Go Vacation. A new game in the We Ski franchise would be absolutely awesome. A new Ridge Racer game would be appreciated too.

Just Dance 5! Let's not kid ourselves, when we talk Ubisoft we are talking Just Dance. Sure they have other franchises, but families know them best for the Just Dance games. A Just Dance Kids 3 would be welcome here at Family Friendly Gaming as well. The Just Dance games are the highest selling dance games, and are on all the home console platforms. Another sequel makes perfect sense. Families will continue to support the Just Dance franchise.

Some new Rayman games would also be appreciated here at Family Friendly Gaming. That quirky franchise has burrowed its way into our hearts. A new game on the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita are games we are definitely interested in. Trackmania games have also captured our interest. We expect some surprises from Ubisoft as well this year. Like Namco Bandai they also maintain a great balance and provide for families.

Every year at E3 we know we will be treated to the latest sports titles from EA. Madden NFL Football, and Fifa Soccer. We will be very curious to see what new features, modes, ideas, and concepts will be implemented this year. We also look forward to hearing how these franchises will improve on the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita. Most years EA has a few games for families. Their Hasbro Family Game Night franchise has been a huge hit. We hope to see something new in this line up as well.

2K Play
When you talk about companies that keep things close to the vest, you have to always include 2K Play. They always bring cool kids games to E3, and we are excited to see what they will have in store for families at E3 2013. A Wii U title would be welcome here at Family Friendly Gaming. As well as something on the PS Vita. We understand the problems with putting a game on the Nintendo 3DS for kids – with the whole eye problem and seven years old. So expect to hear about new iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad apps from them.

Disney Interactive Studios
The big thing for Disney Interactive Studios has to be Disney Infinity. We are all over Disney Infinity here at Family Friendly Gaming. We have so many questions concerning this franchise. If anyone can take on Skylanders, it is Disney. This franchise has a real shot of doing well during the Christmas 2013 season.

We would love to see a new Cars game. Something like the old award winning THQ Cars games. An open sandbox racer that puts families in the world of Cars. We expect to hear about stunningly successful apps like Where's My Water? And Where's My Perry? There should also be some movie tie-in video games. Maybe even a Disney Epic Mickey 3. Or a Disney Universe 2.

Square Enix
A new Kingdom Hearts game is a given. What about a Quantum Conondrum 2? We know Final Fantasy will be represented at E3 2013. What about Dragon Quest X? What surprises will Square Enix have for families this year? We can only guess. We expect to hear of at least one franchise being resurrected. Square Enix has such a huge portfolio of games to choose from. There are numerous Taito titles that could make a return. Then we have Eidos titles that Square Enix could pick from. Mini Ninjas 2 would a nice game for families. One that Family Friendly Gaming would welcome with open arms.

We would love to see a new Frogger game from Konami at E3 2013. We hope to be able to see something on the new king of soccer games – PES. Some kind of Pro Creation Soccer game would be even better. DanceDanceRevolution needs to kick the dance pad and go full body motion on the Kinect. The time is now to retire that dance pad. We have loved it for so many years, but are tired of slipping on it. We like how the Kinect can see our arms and feet while we are dancing. A new MLB Dream Nine game would be welcome. So would New Little King's Story 2. Ash III would be a shock that could help Konami continue to do well on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. A new game for families would be welcome. Just not another Karaoke game please.

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