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Cordova, TN, (February 17, in the year of our Lord 2013) We started with the Big Three, and what we hope to see from them at E3 2013. Now it is time to discuss many of the other major players. What would we like to see from them at E3 2013? Buckle up, and enjoy the ride. Don't forget to email us your comments after reading the article.

Warner Bros Interactive
Every year Warner Bros Interactive impresses Family Friendly Gaming. They constantly provide great games for families. We would love some new Sesame Street games from them at E3 2013. A new Game Party game would be awesome. It would be fantastic to see a new Scribblenauts game. We know about Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The excitement level is as high as it was for Lego Lord of the Rings. It would be awesome for a Lego Chronicles of Narnia, or a Lego Justice League. We can not wait to see Warner Bros Interactive this year.

Hey Natsume whatever happened to Project Happiness? It was announced at E3 2012, and there has been nothing on it since then. Maybe it will make an appearance at E3 2013. A new Harvest Moon is to be expected. Maybe even a new Reel Fishing game. Natsume has insanely loyal fans, and the company has been making strides to connect directly with them through social media. Hopefully they won't ignore long time supporters like Family Friendly Gaming. We expect better follow through from them in 2013.

D3Publisher is slowly and steadily becoming a bigger player in the industry. They have done so with a steady diet of good games for families. Kids have enjoyed games based on Ben 10. Family Party games have been welcomed by families. D3Publisher also routinely released movie based games. What would we like to see from D3Publisher at E3 2013? More of the same.

Sonic is what we want to see from Sega at E3 2013. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed has taken the crown for kart racing titles on the Nintendo 3DS. The home console version was not that shabby either. A new Super Monkey Ball game would be welcomed. Could Sega finally bring back Shining Force? Maybe a compilation of the three Shining Force III games that were on the Saturn? This franchise needs to return Sega, and soon. No other franchise has taken the turn based role playing game crown from Shining Force. Time to show the gaming world why. Younger gamers have not been able to experience this franchise.

505 Games
505 Games needs to increase their footprint. They have some great games out there, and some okay games out there. They need a few new quality titles. An improved Backbreaker sequel. Branch out into other musical titles besides Grease. Continue the fantastic kids games. 505 Games has room for growth, and Family Friendly Gaming hopes they present some great games for families at E3 2013.

SNK Playmore
There is one game Family Friendly Gaming wants SNK Playmore to ressurect – Crystalis. In any way, shape or form. On any system. A sequel would be awesome. We hope to hear some news about third party developers on their NEOGEO X GOLD machine. It has been too quiet on that machine. Family Friendly Gaming wants to see it succeed.

Crave Entertainment
The Bible Game 2! Come on Crave Entertainment. Where is the long overdue sequel to the critically acclaimed, and award winning The Bible Game. A sequel to Larry Boy and the Bad Apple in any way, shape or form would be appreciated as well. With all the different old games being brought up to the new systems as downloads why not bring The Bible Game, and Larry Boy and the Bad Apple up to the current systems? Or port them to the Wii U, PS4, and Xbox 720? Any other Christian based franchise would be welcome here at Family Friendly Gaming as well. Some new pinball games would be nice to see. Zen Studios has proven a company can make a go of those.

Zen Studios
Speaking of our friends over at Zen Studios, we would love to see a Lego Pinball game from them. Also a Chronicles of Narnia Pinball game. Both of those have potential to be amazingly successful. What about some DC Comics Pinball games? Zen Studio's star is on the rise, and they are branching out into other games as well. We hope for some fascinating surprise from them at E3 2013.

Kalypso Media
We hope that by the time E3 2013 has arrived we have already played and reviewed Alien Spidy. That game is shaping up nicely. We would love to see Tropico 5 at E3 2013. Tropico 4 has wormed its way into the hearts of the older members of the family. So a true sequel would be extremely welcome here at Family Friendly Gaming.

PDP was awesome last year. Their Skylanders gear was amazing. PDP has great controllers, and other gaming peripherals. Their follow up and follow through is outstanding. They could teach a few others about that. We hope to see some new amazing Skylanders gear from them at E3 2013. Their controllers are hot, and we hope they continue to simmer at the very least. This is one solid peripheral company.

Nyko has some good ideas from time to time, and some ideas that just do not pan out. They have a bad history of failing to follow up and follow through. So bad that Family Friendly Gaming did not even attempt to schedule a meeting with them last year. Unless they correct this issue we won't waste our time with them this year either.

Are ya'll still in business? Have not heard or seen much from Destineer in some time. So something, anything would be welcome. Destineer has a long history of publishing solid quality games for families at a lower price. They won't break the bank with their games. So it would be a shame if they are gone.

Zoo Games/Bold Games
Are ya'll still in existence? A heart beat would be awesome.

With THQ in bankruptcy and their different games being sold off it is highly unlikely they will make an appearance at E3 2013. If they do we hope they bring some family friendly titles. For many years they published many great games for families. It is sad to see them in this position.

Atari is also in bankruptcy. We have little hope of seeing them. Lord willing we will see some of their franchises picked up by other companies and given proper treatment.

Last year Memorex bowed out of E3. This was a shame because as a peripheral company they had some wonderful award winning ideas. Family Friendly Gaming would love to see them return in E3 2013, and to bring some awesome new ideas.

Chillingo continues to be one of the top app publishers on the market. They constantly come up with wonderful products. What do we expect from them at E3 2013? Some really good food again. :) On top of the memorable food we expect to see some neat apps that break down the walls and barriers. The Act 2 would be interesting. Some more award winning titles is what we expect to see from Chillingo at E3 2013.

G5 Entertainment
Something other than hidden object games. That is all we are asking for at E3 2013. Maybe a new Build-A-Lot game. A sequel to The Island Castaway would also be welcome here at Family Friendly Gaming.

Are ya'll still in business? We have heard nothing from them in months. They were once one of the premiere app publishers. They have fallen to near obscurity. A rebound with some great games for families would be wonderful for them.

Apologies to anyone in advance if we forgot you. We hope to see all kinds of wonderful games for families at E3 2013. We hope to see a real push for Christian games this year. We hope to see the Game Church guys again. And maybe, just maybe you will run into one of the team members from the Family Friendly Gaming Nation.

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