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Ubisoft E3 2013 Press Conference



Cordova, TN; June 10, in the year of our Lord 2013 – Ubisoft had their press conference announcing new games.

Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains started things out. He played some guitar. Invites the band up there for a Session Mode in Rocksmith. Plays another song. All new 2014 edition is announced. It will be out this October.

Aisha Tyler invites us to the show. She talks about Watch Dogs. One of the anti-family games. She talks about being able to tweet your opinions during the show. She plugs another Splinter Cell game. Wow little for families thus far.

Video for Splinter Cell Black List. A game families will flee from as quickly as possible.

Now it is time for Rayman. Eighteen years and thirteen games later he is an icon. Rayman Legends is shown in a trailer. Some enticement to lust issues going on with the red head. Then it goes into violence as she trashes some characters saving Rayman. Hopefully its not too bad. September 3, 2013 it will come out. Even more Rayman Legends is shown in a video. Looking very interesting.

Lame jokes to introduce The Mighty Quest. Steal loot, and defend yours. Does not look very good. Trailer is shown.

Speaking of lame games they show a trailer for South Park and the Stick of Truth. Gross humor that makes me want to stay far from that game.

NEXT GEN time.

Yves Guillemot comes out. He announces The Crew, and shows a trailer. This is a racing game that reminds of Need for Speed. Police car takes some nasty damage in a chase. So does a fence as the criminals go offroading. They then trash a truck in a vicious manner. Maybe not so good for families. It will launch in 2014.

Creative director Julian Gerighty. He talks about the new technology and how to apply it to their games. You may be playing with NPCs or real players – you won't know. A demo of the game is shown. Families will most likely steer clear of The Crew.

Dominic Guay talks about Watch Dogs. A game families are avoiding like the plague.

Just Dance 2014 is shown in a video. Comes out this October across all platforms. Just Dance was started as a mini game in the Rabbids franchise.

Rabbids Invasion is announced. This will be a television show. You can play it as well. Trailer of the TV show is shown. Adrian Lacey comes out to talk about Rabbids Invasion. What about being part of the story? This new experience will appear on the Xbox One. Interactive missions on your various devices.

Back to the violent gamers with Assassins Creed. In Assassins Creed IV Black Flag you take on the role of a criminal pirate. Trailer is shown. Another game families can easily ignore. Looks lame. The creative director comes out to plug the game some more.

Trials Fusion on the next gen, and Trials Frontier on mobile. They are both shown in a trailer. The two versions will work together.

Yves Guillemot came back out to thank the fans. Wants to announce a new game – online, open world, RPG. Trailer is shown, and then a demo. Gloom and doom. Does not look like one for families. Tom Clancy's The Division is the game to avoid.

Now they are finally done. Ubisoft is getting better. A few more for families. Still they are heavy on the ultra violent games.

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