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Cordova, TN; May 5, in the year of our Lord 2013 -- Pato Banton sang a song with UB40 – Baby Come Back. There are plenty of video game characters who have been retired for one reason or another. Some of them we would like to see again. If absence makes the heart fonder, then I am as fond of these characters as I can be. So please join me as we explore the Top Six Characters that Need to Come Out of Retirement. Maybe just maybe someone out there reading can help bring these characters back.

Leafos (Viva Pinata)

LeafosViva Pinata came into the video game industry like a hurricane. Leafos is one of those wonderful characters who was extremely helpful. I miss her, and I want Microsoft Game Studios to bring her back. We need to get back into gardening Pinatas. Microsoft Game Studios needs to bring back Leafos and all of the rest of the Viva Pinata crew. If you read our What Happened to Viva Pinata story then you know how we feel about this franchise.

Alex Kidd

Alex KiddSonic the Hedgehog has always overshadowed Alex Kidd. One of the biggest reasons is Alex Kidd was not the Mario killer Sega was looking for. That is not the characters fault though. Sega is the one who put forth a JV level effort in a Varsity game. Alex Kidd could be great if Sega put the thought process, power, and intellect into it. Yes Alex Kidd has been in recent Sega tennis, and Sega racing games. But I want to see a real platformer action adventure game starring Alex Kidd.


BlinxWhat ever happened to the time traveling Blinx? He was even considered as a mascot for the Xbox. Mainly because Halo was way too violent to be a mascot, and Microsoft had little else. But that does not mean Blinx would have been a bad mascot. In fact he would have been a decent one for Microsoft Game Studios. Not only was Blinx snubbed for the mascot spot, he was retired by Microsoft. He needs to come back. His retirement was never needed, and we miss Blinx. Various games have implemented ideas from this franchise. Time has come for Blinx to show the industry how it is really done.

Bubsy the Bobcat

Bubsy the BobcatBubsy the Bobcat had a nice run in the 16-bit era to the start of the 32-bit era. He started as a 2D side scrolling action adventure game a lot like Mario and Sonic. Bubsy had more character, chatter, and entertainment value than Mario or Sonic. He tried to make the transition to 3D and fell flap on his cute little face. After that failure he was retired into the history of the industry. The time has come to bring Bubsy the Bobcat back. He has the potential of bring bigger than Mario and Sonic combined. If he is only given the opportunity.


BonkSpeaking of characters bigger than Sonic and Mario we come to Bonk. This character had an oversized head, and was the mascot for the Turbografx-16. Bonk was a mega superstar character in the industry. There was a role playing game planned for him, as well as all of his action adventure side scrolling titles. Bonk brought so many new and interesting ideas to the video game industry. Some of them have been used by other franchises since then. Bonk was actually supposed to return in the year of our Lord 2011, but the game was canceled. It is a true shame that a character as fun, fresh, and intriguing as Bonk has been left out of the industry. The Playstation gaming generation has no idea what they missed by not being able to play Bonk.

Max (Shining Force)

Max Shining ForceAnother franchise the Playstation gaming generation most likely missed was Shining Force. Max the coolest leader of this amazing turn based strategy role playing game. Think Final Fantasy Tactics is the best turn based strategy role playing game? Then you have obviously not played any of the Shining Force games. Players are allowed to amass huge armies of characters. Characters that all can be used in the battles. No limiting you to just five. The cut scenes, the strategies, the battles, the art, and the characters were all awesome. Max is a heroes hero. He does the right thing, stands up against evil, and he leads. Sega has done all kinds of odd things with the Shining series. They need to bring back Max, and the turn based strategy role playing game.

- Paul Bury
- Family Friendly Gaming

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