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Top Six Characters that Need to Come Out of Retirement Part Two


Picked By You

Cordova, TN May 8th, in the year of our Lord 2013 - - Top Six Characters that Need to Come Out of Retirement was such a huge success, and there was such a plethora of feedback that we decided to do a Part Two. Part Two is what was picked by you. We gave each family friendly character (so-so in a few cases) a vote based on how many people told us they wanted them to come out of retirement. Every person is going to have their own list, and different people will want different characters back. So we won't hit every character that everyone will want back. We also thank all of the feedback agreeing with characters on our list. None of them will be included in this story. They already got mentioned. Here we go:


GexBack in the day of platformers, and iconic characters there was Gex the Gecko. He was a TV addict who taught us the dangers of sitting in front of television too long. He enjoyed amazing success across multiple different home console gaming machines. His games were memorable for their storylines as well as his snide little comments along the way. Gamers reacted to his jokes in one of two ways: disgust or laughter. Gex the Gecko was controversial in his day – for advertisements and in game commentary. Behind all of that were solid platform titles that hardcore gamers still enjoy to this day. You have told us that you want Gex to dust off his tux and come out of retirement.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash BandicootSpeaking of iconic characters with attitude, there is also Crash Bandicoot. Sony wanted and needed a Mario killer. So  everything good from the Mario games and applied it to an iconic character with a consistent bad attitude - Crash Bandicoot. Sony's advertisements were in your face, and offended Nintendo fanboys. In the process Sony used Crash Bandicoot to help them create the Playstation gaming generation. A generation who appreciated the rebellious attitude of Crash Bandicoot, as well as the game play. Crash Bandicoot eventually went multi-platform and fizzed out. If any of these characters have a shot at returning it is Crash Bandicoot. You told us you want Crash back.


BattleToadsThe BattleToads had the opportunity to be as big as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But for some reason it never happened. They are not as violent as they sound either. There were TMNT type fighting levels in BattleToads games, and there were also driving levels. Those driving levels stick with me to this day. The difficulty was set so high that any gamer would wind up getting frustrated at some point. The BattleToads even teamed up with the boys from Double Dragon at one point. There have been multiple attempts to bring back the BattleToads, but none of them have succeeded. We are giving you the opportunity to let game developers know that you want the BattleToads back.


LocoRocoWhen I think of games that sound good, look good, and are unique experiences; LocoRoco is always on that list. LocoRoco almost made it onto my Top Six list, so I am so happy that you our wonderful readers have brought him/her up. LocoRoco is sort of a blob character that grows as more of them are found. He/She can separate to make it through certain parts of the levels as well. Players rotate the world around to move LocoRoco from point A to point B. The singing happy nature in LocoRoco sticks with gamers to this day. This is one character that needs to come back to the world of gaming. You told us you want to see LocoRoco make a triumphant return.

Lost Vikings

Lost VikingsAction adventure puzzle games have thrilled gamers for some time now. The Lost Vikings were three characters who players would guide to the end of the level. All of the characters had to make it for a level to be completed. Cooperative game play was the order of the day for this franchise. Players would use the unique abilities of the different vikings to progress through the levels. The Lost Vikings had a limited amount of health, and could take damage multiple ways. So these games had a bit of bite to them. There was also a certain kind of humor in Lost Vikings that many gamers back in the day appreciated. We listened when you told us you wanted the Lost Vikings to make a come back.


GloverI personally would have never thought of Glover. But this game was brought up, and a little caveat was mentioned – “do something different with him. Like was done with Luigi in Luigi's Mansion.” Glover is one of the most interesting entries mainly because he is one of the most interesting characters in the entire video game industry. He is a glove. That is right – a glove. We have plumbers, hedgehogs, bats, mice, and whole slew of other things. So why not a glove? There are all kinds of possibilities playing a game with a main character who is a glove. Glover has been retired for some time now. You told us you want Glover back.

- Paul Bury
- Family Friendly Gaming

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