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Cordova, TN; June 10, in the year of our Lord 2013 – Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is providing coverage of the Microsoft E3 2013 press conference.

Kicks off with a trailer from Konami. Looks like a Metal Gear game. Nothing for families.

Don Mattrick and Hideo Kojima Announce Metal Gear V for Xbox One.

Don talks about it all being about the games. Thirteen next gen titles only on Xbox One.

Yusuf Mehdi comes out to talk about the Xbox 360. A modern look and feel of the new Xbox 360. It is smaller, sleeker, and quieter as ever. It is also available today. New (and old) Gold Member will receive two free games per month for free. Nothing for families though. Hundreds of new games coming to Xbox 360.

Trailer for World of Tanks. Only for the older members of the family.

Victor Kisly talks about bringing World of Tanks to Xbox 360.

Trailer for new Max and Magic Marker game. It is looking good. Called Max and the Curse of Brotherhood.

Then a trailer for an ultra violent knight game. Definitely not for families. Dark Souls 2 – Yuck.

Phil Spencer talks about Xbox One titles. He is proud of what they have in development. More titles in development now than ever before. They are working with developers of all sizes. Shows a trailer – Ryse Son of Rome. Another game not for families. Gets more disgusting the longer the trailer goes. Blood, gore, excessive violence, and bad language.

Cevat Yerli comes out to talk about his disgusting vision for Ryse Son of Rome.

Trailer for Killer Instinct coming in 2013 on Xbox One. Another one not for families.

Phil Spencer is back to talk about a new franchise for Xbox One. Ted Price from Insomniac Games. He announces Sunset Overdrive. Another game families will want to avoid. A trailer for the game is shown. Sort of like Jet Grind Radio mixed with any repugnant ultra violent shooter video game.

Trailer for Forza Motorspot 5. Shows this car company and all their accomplishments. They show this sweet looking car. Here is a game families can get excited about.

Dan Greenawalt talks about the upcoming game on Xbox One. The details, and things that make it look human. About more than just the power, now its about Xbox Live. The end of AI, a learning system in the cloud. Your drive-atar learns how you race. It can recreate your speed and your style, even on cars you have never raced with. Your drive-atar races against the world while you are away from the game.

Shows the latest trailer for Forza Motorspot 5 with all in game footage.

Phil Harrison comes out and talks about developers. He wants to find the best games for owners of Microsoft products. He references a game coming to Xbox One. It is Minecraft.

Sam Lake from Remedy comes out to talk about Quantum Break. The TV show and game will have an interaction. Again this is one families will most likely want to pass on.

A trailer for an ugly, disgusting game families will want to pass on – D4.

Dave McCarthy comes out from Microsoft Game Studios. He wants everyone to be able to create. Announces Project Spark. You can make a game, and share with everyone. Voice commands to easily create this world. Very impressive. They made a rock their pet and told it what to do. Goblins are added and their rock fights for them. Insane how many different things can be done in Project Spark. Nice trailer is shown of what others have created.

Marc Whitten comes out and talks about Xbox Live on Xbox One. He brings up Xbox Smartglass, and how easy it is to use on the Xbox One. Ryse Son of Rome is shown, and then Killer Instinct. Pretty violent looking. The game was automatically recorded. He can personalize the video and share it easy with the community. Your game play experience can be shared with Twitch. Instantly share it with your followers.

Marc Whitten then references the limit of 100 friends has been removed. They are moving from Microsoft points to real money. Anyone in your house can enjoy Xbox Live Gold Membership. Premier of Crimson Dragon exclusively on Xbox One.

Josh Bridge, and Mike Jones come out to talk about how excited they are to work on Xbox One. They reference Dead Rising 3. A zombie game families will want to run away from. Everything you can think of as being wrong in a video game is in this one. Should get an 'AO' rating.

John Mamais references The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Another ugly game families will want to flee from.

EA comes out to show Battlefield 4. A war game families will want to avoid. Technical issues with the trailer, so no complaints here. Unfortunately it started working – still glitchy though.

Phil Spencer comes back out. He references small developers. A trailer for Below is shown. Looks interesting. Small graphics though. Microsoft is investing in five new studios. Black Tusk Studios. Game does not look very good though. Another exclusive is being shown in a trailer. It is Halo. *yawn*

Bonnie Ross comes out to plug Halo. Families can avoid it on the Xbox One later this year.

Phil comes out again. Man he must feel like a yo-yo. He references the different games they have announced. $499.99 is the price of the Xbox One. It will come out in November 2013. One more exclusive title from Respawn Entertainment. Video for Titanfall is shown. Looks too violent for families.

Vince Zampella from Respawn Entertainment came out to talk about their violent game.

Way too many boring war games in Microsoft's E3 press conference. A few games for families.

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