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Website Advertising

Want to reach the Family Friendly Gaming Nation? There have been over 5 million unique IP addresses that have visited Family Friendly Gaming.  In 2015 there have been between 600,000 and 900,000 in hits a month. Those hits are coming from 100,000 and 300,000 unique IP addresses each month. Over one million unique IP addresses visited Family Friendly Gaming in 2015. A total of eight million views on the Family Friendly Gaming website in 2015.

$75.00 a month for a picture advertisement in the left column, right column, footer, or header on thousands of pages of the Family Friendly Gaming website. Purchase ten months, and get two months free. Or Purchase six months and get one month free.

Website Magazine Release

$85.00 gets your company name, and advertisement as assisting in releasing upcoming issue of Family Friendly Gaming online in the PDF format. The issue is then released freely to the public, and your company reaches the large Family Friendly Gaming audience.

This also includes an one page ad inside that same issue of the fantastic Family Friendly Gaming.

Sales News Story

$40.00 gets your Sales News Story, or Updated News story published. Your company reaches the large Family Friendly Gaming audience with your announcement of a sale you have running. Kickstarter Campaign announcements and press releases also fit under here.

Invest in Your Future

$40.00 gets your Invest in Your Future, or Updated News story published. Your company reaches the large Family Friendly Gaming audience with your announcement of a sale you have running. These stories are outside the normal coverage items Family Friendly Gaming covers. This also covers free apps. If you have a free app you want us to review, it fits right here.

Corporate Sponsorships for Events

Pay for the cost of the Family Friendly Gaming team to attend an event. What do you get? An advertisement on all pages that cover that event. It will denote your company paid for attendance. Example: "FFG E3 Coverage brought to you by Caring Compassionate Company who Cares about the Future."

Links, Images, and Video

$15.00 per Link, Image, and/or Video inside your News or Updated News item. Links, Images, and Videos must be family friendly, meaning safe for all ages. Buy three links and receive the fourth one for free!

Single link on just one page is $8.00 a month. Pay for ten months and you get two months free. Pay for six months and you get one month free.

Want Family Friendly Gaming to pull a video you previously provided? We need 30 business days to work that in, and a $25.00 payment is required.

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Please provide written approval allowing Family Friendly Gaming the option of monetizing the videos on our Youtube channel. This is a small amount of money that can help Family Friendly Gaming continue to cover your products.

E-Magazine/Christmas Buying Guide advertisement

$150.00 for a two page spread in the e-magazine. $75.00 for a one page advertisement in the e-magazine.

2 Corinthians 8:7
But just as you excel in everything–in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love for us see that you also excel in this grace of giving.

Thank you

Your financial support is greatly appreciated, and really do assist in the costs of running the website, pay for the trademarking, and magazine creation.

Must be Family Friendly

The company, product and/or service you are advertising must be family friendly. No drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, gambling, violent, or other adult only content(17+). Nothing that attacks Christians, Bible, or the traditional family structure.