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Why Apple Continues to Eat Away at Nintendo



Cordova, TN; January 27, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is carefully looking at why Apple is continuing to eat away at Nintendo. Especially in the hand held realm. Not everyone was convinced that touch screen only controls on a phone would go anywhere. I will admit I was a skeptic. In fact I still prefer to play a hand held video game on the PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS. Playing on my iPhone is just not as enjoyable to me. Yet iOS and Android continue to eat away at the market for the 3DS and PS Vita. Why is that? What is being done on those platforms that falls flat on the others? I have come away with a few ideas that I believe are behind it.

First off there is quick and easy sharing on the iOS and Android platforms. We have two iPhones and three iPads in our family. As long as a game works on one of those we buy it once and it automatically downloads on all five machines. We can play one another after making one purchase. Neither Nintendo or Sony has caught up to Apple and Google in this regard. In fact if you have multiple systems, you have to make multiple purchases. Unless your family uses a cartridge then one family member can enjoy that game one at a time. Multiplayer is out of the question without multiple purchases. Hey Nintendo and Sony, Apple is making lots of money without forcing families to purchase the same game more than once. I would love to transfer games from the 3DS to 2DS, and then play them at the same time.

There are easier upgrades on the iOS and Android than there is with the 3DS and PS Vita. We trade in a device and it lowers the price of the new one. NEC did the same thing with the Turbografx-16 to the Turboduo upgrade. Yet Sony and Nintendo can not figure out how to do that. It brings consumer loyalty which is something both Sony and Nintendo are losing. It also costs us less to upgrade from one device to a newer one. Apple and Google understand this. Nintendo and Sony not so much. When we upgrade a device we can easily transfer our content at the store before we leave. Good luck with that process on the 3DS and PS Vita. They probably could not have made it more complex.

Massive game libraries along with music goes a long ways. All of my songs and apps are on the same device. If Nintendo or Sony would let me easily transfer my songs to their devices I would use their devices more often. It is so easy to turn on some music, watch a show and more on the iPhone/iPad devices. I pay for it once and can enjoy it on a variety of devices. Why should I pay Sony or Nintendo for the same song I already purchased? They need to get with Apple and find a way to let us transfer songs over. I refuse to pay for the same thing twice.

The iOS platform offers me features that I want and nothing more. The 3DS and Vita offer too many features I don’t want, and I don’t use. Streetpass, Spotpass, Near, Far, 3D visuals, rear touch screen, and more. Casual gamers do not want to have to get a PhD in your system. All of the passes make us want to pass out. I want plug and play. Remember that? You take a cartridge plug it into a device, turn it on, and it plays. Real simple. I am sick of silly reminders telling me Nintendo has some advertisement for me. Or that I got some trophy in a game on the PS Vita. I was there playing the game when I got the trophy. Why do I need some reminder of it?

To sum it up Apple and Google have brought innovation to hand held gaming. Apple moved phones into the realm of video games. Then they brought tablets into the mix. Google followed suit and together they are eating away at the market share of the hand held market. Can Nintendo and/or Sony recover? I believe they can, especially if they implement some of the ideas in this article. Also make more bare bones systems like the Nintendo 2DS. Not everyone wants all the bells and whistles. Look at how cars are sold.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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