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What Families Want from Nintendo NX



Cordova, TN; April 10, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is bringing up the issues families want to see addressed on the Nintendo NX. What is Nintendo NX? Not every family is aware since Nintendo goes to narrow places (to make announcements) that do not reach many of the families. Which is a shame because Nintendo has opportunities to reach millions of families if they would make the effort. Family Friendly Gaming continues to help them out by paying for coverage that makes them money. It is official the Wii U is a total flop. Now is the time for Nintendo to learn from their mistakes and course correct. Families want to see that with Nintendo NX - the next home console Nintendo is working on.

Families tell us the things they want to see from the video game industry. The things they are willing to buy. They tell us what they are willing to purchase with their hard earned money. This is thousands of dollars of analysis that will make companies with open ears, minds, and hearts hundreds of millions of dollars. The first thing we always hear is more family friendly video games. More games that are inclusive of children. The exclusive adult only video games turn families away. Families keep the money in their pockets when companies consistently neglect them. Families also tell us they want Christian video games on these systems. They want more LarryBoy, Bible, and Wall of Jericho types of games on the Nintendo NX. They want to express their love for Jesus Christ in the video game realm.

Families also tell us they want the Nintendo NX to have competitive technical specs. The Wii U is competing with the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360; not the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Nintendo must enter the arena if they want to compete on the field. The control scheme needs to be improved on the Nintendo NX. It is not comfortable playing on the Wii U. Kinect has leapfrogged the Wii sensor bar. Nintendo needs to compete with the Kinect sensor on the Nintendo NX if they hope of winning the next console generation war. Families also want compatibility with the Nintendo 3DS cartridges. They want to have a port to plug in their 3DS games and play them on the Nintendo NX. If the 3DS games will work on the Nintendo NX, then the Nintendo DS games should work as well.

On the topic of games, families have told us what kinds of games they want to see on the Nintendo NX home console system. They want a new Animal Crossing video game with a church. They want to visit other towns easier than before, and limit anyone from coming into their town if they so choose. They want local multi-player video games. Especially games like Mario Party 8. Have a Mario Party 11 that is more like Mario Party 8. Families do not want to be stuck in the same vehicle like they forced to endure in Mario Party 9, and Mario Party 10. Families want more third party video games, especially on store shelves. More games released in the physical copy format is another important issue to families. Families want less violent games on the Nintendo NX. They won’t financially support them, and hardcore gamers won’t support Nintendo. So why waste everyone’s time? The games need to be longer with less rehash. Families also want price drops on games to happen more frequently. Bring back Player’s Choice/Nintendo Selects.

So there you have it. These are the things families want to see on the Nintendo NX. It now up to Nintendo to come through for families, or to fail them. They have been given the knowledge, whether they act upon it or not is up to them. Family Friendly Gaming hopes and prays Nintendo will listen, and act upon the wisdom we have freely given them.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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