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Ubisoft E3 2015 Press Conference



June 15, in the year of our Lord 2015 -- A video for South Park is shown. The last Southpark game was macabre, and morbid. I never found this franchise funny. South Park The Fractured but Whole is a game families will want to avoid. Aisha Tyler comes out and brings out some profane individuals (creators of South Park) related to the repugnant South Park franchise. Thankfully they get off the stage quickly. Aisha is also unprofessional throwing out offensive profanity. Obviously Ubisoft is not listening to Family Friendly Gaming about making their press conferences safe for children.

Now she claims they listen to feedback. Yet again her constant sewer mouth proves they do not listen. Yves Guillemot comes out to claim he loves those of us that have made him wealthy. Not enough to give us a break on game prices. He announces a new IP. Looks like an ultra violent macabre, and morbid anti-family game set in medieval times. Blood, gore, and other stomach losing disgusting images are shown. This press conference is not for children. Do not let kids watch it. The game to avoid is For Honor.

Jason Vandenberghe comes out to glorify the death, blood, gore, and worshiping of death. It is astounding how bad the video game industry looks thanks to games like For Honor. Yet people like Jason are not listening. A massive war zone is shown that reminds me of Dynasty Warrior games. The enemies are slightly harder to murder in this game though. This is definitely an adult only video game. Adults like myself don’t even want to see gross stuff like this one.

Aisha comes back to talk about upcoming DLC. Expansion packs are referenced. A video for The Crew is shown. New vehicles are shown. I am guessing paid DLC. The Crew Wild Run will release on 11.17.2015. Now we get a trailer for a different game. Trials Fusion Awesome Levels Max DLC is coming out soon.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is now being brought up. Ryan Barnyard comes out to talk about this macabre and morbid video game. This is a game families will be avoiding. Even more profanity. Ubisoft is making it really difficult to cover them with this kind of hostile hate filled atmosphere. Unethical, immoral, and disgusting behavior is shown. Definitely a game to avoid.

Now we get a video for Anno 2205. This game looks really interesting. A city is built on the moon. Very high tech, and very science fiction. A moon ship flies back to earth. November 3rd is when this game will be released. Players don’t start on the moon, but have to work their way up to the moon. Another video is shown. This city building simulator is looking really good.

Aisha talks to someone cosplaying in the audience. Jason Altman is now referenced. Just Dance 2016 is now being talked about. It has been big for Ubisoft. Not as big as Zumba for Family Friendly Gaming. Just Dance 2016 can use a smart phone to be used as the camera. A gentleman I have never seen before comes out and sings a song I have never heard before. Dancers join him on the stage. Jason Derulo is the singer they had perform. October is when Just Dance 2016 will release. A streaming service (Just Dance Unlimited) will be available with a subsctiption for Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4. Price was not referenced.

A video of another new game is shown next. Looks like some new disease is the problem. A military team is being put together to stop some enemies. Rainbow Six Siege is the game. Another ultra violent game. Even more profanity from Aisha. Angela Bassett comes out. She plays a role in the counter terrorism video game. Then Genevieve Forget comes out to talk about this macabre and morbid game some more. A game demo is then shown. Blood, gore, and all kinds of death. Beta is on September 24, 2015.

Aisha is back blabbering about going to the arcade. She references Track Mania. It is making its way to the home consoles from the Personal Computer. A video is shown that makes this game look awesome. Trackmania Turbo is the name of the game. Francois and Tommy come out to show off the game. A total of two hundred tracks. There is also a randomly generated track creator. Looks good.

Aisha brings up Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. A macabre and morbid anti-family video game. A video of this criminal video game is shown. Violence and murder is shown in excess. Marc-Alexis Cote comes out to talk about the game. This is another game that glorifies violence. Another easy target for anyone who does not like video games. Another game that makes us look bad.

Aisha comes back out. She says there is one last thing. Yves Guillemot comes back out. He talks about revolutionalizing their franchises. Skulls, blood, money, drugs, guns, and bullets are shown. A team is parachuting into the mountains. They murder dug dealers. Ultra violent, macabre and morbid. Another game families will want to avoid. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wild Lands is the game to avoid.

Ubisoft E3 2015 Press Conference
Anno 2205 Blasts Off Into Space
Ubisoft Unveils Just Dance 2016
Ubisoft Announces Trackmania Turbo for Consoles
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