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Cordova, TN; June 12, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is addressing a developing problem in the video game industry. This issue has been creeping up like decay. Slowly it has been getting worse over the years. The larger some video game companies have gotten the worse it has become within their own organizations. No it is not their lack of agility. No it is not their lack of mobility. No it is not their failures to innovate. All of those are interesting, and deep problems they need to address. What I want to talk about is even worse. It is the control freak nature of too many video game companies this day and age. Stop being such control freaks!

Too many large video game companies are shrinking in size and in sales. Sure they may have billions sitting in the bank. Or have other departments within the company making money. Things like trying to stop used video game sales, make games online only and then take them away from gamers, download only and control the game at all times are all great examples of how the companies are trying to keep complete control of the products they took our money for. I don’t care what garbage they put in the small print after I have paid for it and can’t take it back. I am not leasing a license to a video game I purchase. I am not leasing a license for a car I pay for. It is my property. The company that took my money has no right to say what I do with it. I can sell it, give it away, and/or use it as an ingredient in a video. I am sick and tired of these companies taking our money and trying to tell us they have a say in how long we use our own property. All you are doing is turning people away from your products.

Notch of Minecraft fame made tons of money from Minecraft. He supports video game piracy. Something other companies are hunting down and trying to eradicate. Anyone else learn a lesson from Notch? You are not losing a sale of a video game when it is pirated. You would have never gotten that sale anyway. Notch pointed out video game companies need to use pirated video games as a marketing tool. Get the pirates to purchase the game in the future. Hunting them down and putting them in jail is not getting you a sale. In fact it makes you look like an evil empire, and it costs you a lot of money. I am sure the PR department has fun trying to spin that one for you. We the consumers notice your closed fist approach. We the consumers notice you are treating all of us like criminals. We the consumers can quite happily purchase other products that give you no money - like retro games. Did you forget it is your job to make something we want to purchase? Did you forget it is your job to do things that makes us want to financially support your organization?

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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