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Sony E3 2015 Press Conference



June 15, in the year of our Lord 2015 -- Sony starts their press conference with a video showing off multiple video games. Shawn Layden comes out to thank everyone for giving him their attention. He wants to brag about the creativity of the Playstation 4. The core of the press conference will be the games. Hopefully they will have enough for families. We get the same propaganda every single year. He makes lots of claims, yet we can think of discrimination from Sony especially against Christian video games, and Christian gamers. We will see if they are diverse, or mainly macabre and morbid.

He announces a Playstation exclusive. A video comes up for The Last Guardian. A little boy and his giant dog/bird beast thing work together to get past obstacles. Maybe the kid will push that giant thing down the rollers. Called it! Now his beast can join him. Or not. Tail for the save. Cooperation between a boy and his giant monster thing. Coming in 2016. Shuhei Yoshida comes out to tell us how happy he is. The Last Guardian is coming to the Playstation 4. Why are game developers being treated like celebrities?

Herman Hulst comes out to talk to us. He has had a long journey at Guerrilla Games. A video for their upcoming game is shown. Another post apocalyptic video game. Ton of those this year. Mechanical animals are shown. Some language issues are heard. This game looks macabre and morbid. Blood, and death are shown. Horizon Zero Dawn is the game that families will want to avoid.

Another video for a new game. Enticement to lust is shown early on. Blood, death, and gore in a new Hitman video game. A game for families to definitely avoid. Asad Qizilbash comes out to talk about this anti-family video game. Your job in this game is to murder people. What kind of a sick mind enjoys that? He now talks about Street Fighter V. A new video of Street Fighter V is shown. This game will be exclusive to PS4 and PC. Beta begins at July 23, 2015.

Sean Murray from Hello Games comes out to show game play of No Man’s Sky. There is a space war going on in this violent laser filled death trap. Everyone is going to try and get to the center of the galaxy. He shows how huge his galaxy is. He scans the planet and then goes to the beacon on the planet. He gets out of his X-Wing and scans the planet. He destroys some rocks on the planet and gets attacked by sentinels. Release date to be announced soon.

Asad Qizilbash comes back to talk about more games. An only on Playstation video comes up. Alex Evans from Media Molecule comes out. He starts talking about dreams. He wants us to explore the dreams of others on the Playstation 4, and then upload your own dreams. The game looks like a piece of art. Animation is like being a puppet master. Players can go nice, or violent. The game is called dreams.

Asad Qizilbash is back again. Firewatch is the next game he wants us to see. A video for Campo Santo is shown. Adam Boyes comes out and is unprofessional with his sewer mouth. He wants to talk about Destiny. A video is shown. Destiny The Taken King is the ultra violent macabre and morbid video game families will want to avoid. Adam continues his profanity making this press conference not for kids. He then has another macabre and morbid, anti-family ultra violent video game - Assassins Creed Syndicate. Avoid this game.

Final Fantasy is brought up. This is the strangest looking Final Fantasy game we have ever seen. World of Final Fantasy. The video looks interesting for this PS4 and PS Vita game releasing in 2016. Families will be interested in this little game. Another video for another real looking video game. Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming first to Playstation 4.

Devolver Digital has four new games. Ronin loks ultra violent. So does EiTR. The same goes for Mother Russia Bleeds.Crossing Souls looks disgusting. Odds are these are downlodable only video games, so the millions in the physical copy movement can easily avoid those gross, bloody, and macabre video games.

A video about Shenmue was shown. They are doing Shenmue 3 through Kickstarter. They want you to fund the game that will make them all kinds of money. So he wants all of us to pay for Shenmue III. Yu Suzuki comes out to make an appeal to get funding for the development of this video game.

A video for Batman Arkham Night is shown. Joker is cremated. The video claims this macabre and morbid, foul mouthed, and anti-family video game is where Batman dies. Crime fell after the Joker’s dead body was burned. Blood, gore, and all kinds of disgusting images are shown. Run far, far away from this one.

Andrew House comes out to talk about Project Morpheus. Virtual Reality is coming to the Playstation 4. He wants to connect people in virtual reality. He complained about single player modes. He shows off multiple violent video games coming to Project Morpheus. Andrew then goes on to talk about services like Spotify, and Playstation Vue. He goes on to tell us all kinds of Sony propaganda.

Call of Duty Black Ops III is the ultra violent, anti-family video game announced next. Mark Lamia comes out to talk about the macabre and morbid Call of Duty Black Ops III. Four players go out together on a bloody mission together. A repugnant and dark video is shown. Bad language is a part of this game too. Families will want to run far away from this death worshiping video game. David Vonderhaar comes out to talk about this regurgitated violent video game. Andrew House comes back to plug the game some more. How much time does this game need?

A video showing multiple different violent games is shown. Plenty of rehash of what we have already seen. Why? Sony? Why? Until Dawn is the next game that looks horrible. Now a video with even more games. Again some of these we have already seen. Shawn Layden comes out to talk about Star Wars. John Vignocchi is introduced to talk about Disney Infinity 3.0. A special exclusive Playstation 4 package will appear. A video for the game is shown. Boba Fett figure is also shown. Shawn Layden now brings up Star Wars Battlefront. Patrick Bach from Dice comes out. He talks about Star Wars Battlefront. A violent video is shown.

To close out the event, a new only on Playstation title is being announced. Another one of those lame Uncharted video games. We were hoping for Kingdom Hearts III. The Uncharted games are macabre, morbid, violent, and very anti-family. We watched the main character stand there, and then the video starts over. I guess there was a technical issue. Now he moves through the crowd. Violence, bad language, blood, and death are all over this video. Uncharted 4 A Thiefs End is the game families will want to avoid. And that was the Sony E3 2015 press conference.


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