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Cordova, TN; May 8, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is exposing some of the behind the scenes business ethics of Nintendo. As you may be aware, Family Friendly Gaming has worked with Nintendo for over ten years. Nintendo makes more family friendly video games than Sony. Nintendo makes more family friendly video games than Microsoft. So it is only natural that Family Friendly Gaming would spend more of our money working on Nintendo products than the other two. Although Microsoft had a little run there with games like Kinectimals. Things went generally great with Nintendo the first nine years. Then Family Friendly Gaming exposed a hypocrisy and double standard over at Nintendo in a news article on May 11, in the year of our Lord 2014. Right after that article things changed.

Golin Harris is the PR firm for Nintendo. Whether they initiated this change or it was at Nintendo’s direction we do not know. We have asked and both Nintendo and Golin Harris have failed to respond. We were given a new PR contact, who essentially did little to nothing. She stopped all review codes/copies from coming to Family Friendly Gaming. She stopped sending us press releases from Nintendo. She denied all interview requests, and failed to answer all questions we sent her way. Finally she has stopped replying to any and all correspondence. That includes emails, hand written letters, and phone messages. We tried to work with other employees at Golin Harris including the head of media relations. We received the exact same treatment. Very rude, mean, nasty, ugly, unprofessional, and hateful on their part.

The only possible reason I can see for their behavior is because we are Christians. We stand up for God, the Bible, and our relationship and love for Jesus Christ. Nintendo has a long history of treating Christians worse than the worldly. If Nintendo/Golin Harris is treating us differently because we are Christians then they are violating the United States Constitution. They would also be violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964. They don’t seem to care though. Over and over again we have treated them better than they have treated us. The work we have done for Nintendo (by our estimate) has made them over one hundred million dollars. They have never financially thanked us for that. I guess they see us as their slaves.

I have been dreading this article for months now. I wanted Nintendo/Golin Harris to come to their senses and start doing the right thing. We even went to them to suggest they start advertising, and become a responsible corporate citizen. Filled out the online contact form, and properly selected the advertising section. A few days later we received a response. It was one of those “not my department” responses along with contact information. Tried to use the contact information. Guess what? It was bad. Replied back telling them they had provided faulty information. A response came back quickly to call them. How is that going to provide the accurate and proper contact information? It wasn’t. Played their little mind game, and called like they asked. Was provided the exact same incorrect information. At that point I realized Nintendo likes to play games.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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