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June 15, in the year of our Lord 2015 -- An intro video with a variety of franchises are shown. Seems like the majority are going to be anti-family again this year. The era of the macabre and morbid looks to continue for at least another year. The location is shown, as well as the Xbox stage.

Bonnie Ross comes out first. She gives us the normal propaganda about how they are the best. She then talks about another Halo video game. She claims the macabre and morbid game will be epic. A video of the game is then shown. Richard Castle joins Halo this Christmas. Now real game play of the game is shown. Or at least we are told it is real game play. Companies have lied about that in the past. Lots of death and destruction is being shown in this game. Then high levels of violence. Generally everything that video games are criticized for. This Halo game teaches to get them before they get you, and to keep getting them until they can no longer retaliate. Then another video of the game is shown. Talk about game gluttony. Halo Guardians 5 - 10.27.15 is then shown.

Josh Holmes from 343 Industries comes out. He is going to continue the chitter chatter over this macabre and morbid murder simulator. He them shows Warzone. Which is player versus player. Also players versus everything else that invades the area. Violence on a scale that will offend millions upon millions.

Now we get an Xbox One exclusive world premiere. A woman in a sandstorm with a robotic dog are exploring. She has a gun on her back. She uses it to destroy other robots that attack. Her dog sacrifices himself for her. She puts his blue orb into a giant robot and her friend is alive again. In a bigger form though. Recore is coming Spring 2016.

Phil Spencer now graces us with his presence. He talks about bringing new exclusives to Xbox One. Now comes the propaganda. He claims to put us first. Yet Family Friendly Gaming knows they are not giving us what we want. At least not yet. He claims they have diversity on Xbox. How many Christian video games will Xbox One have this year? He claims the Xbox One will have backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360.

Mike Ybarra now comes out. He talks about the backwards compatibility with Xbox 360. He shows a violent game. He claims the Xbox 360 games can be downloaded directly to the Xbox One. He also claims the retail discs can be put in, and the games can be downloaded to the Xbox One. Storage space is going to be a problem. Xbox Live Gold members can use it now. The rest of us have to wait for Christmas.

Phil Spencer comes back out to talk about controllers. He claims gamers want more. He announces the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller coming this fall. Components are swappable which looks pretty cool. Price? Not shown.

Todd Howard comes out next. He thanks everyone. He is talking about an anti-family video game called Fallout 4. Another macabre and morbid title. The game is then shown. Gross, disgusting, blood, gore and violence is shown. Made me want to throw up, it was so repugnant. November 10th is the release date.

Peter Moore from EA comes out. He advertises the EA Access on Xbox. He claims Play First, Play More, and Pay Less. He now talks about Madden NFL 16, and Need for Speed. Paying EA extra money lets you play their games earlier than launch dates. A way for them to make some more money. He then advertises the macabre and morbid anti-family game Titanfall. And then another macabre and morbid anti-family game Dragon Age Inquisition. He then announces Plants Versus Zombies Garden Warfare 2. The exclusive world premiere video is shown. Pretty violent looking.

A video for the Ford company is shown. Forza Motorsport 6 is the next game. A Ford GT car is lowered onto the stage. Henry Ford III and Dan Greenawalt comes out to advertise the upcoming video game. This is another Xbox One exclusive. A video of the game is shown. Hopefully this one will have more tracks than Forza Motorsport 5. There are supposed to be 26 location, and over four hundred cars. September 15, this game comes out.

Another world premiere video. This time from Bandai Namco Games. Looks dark, and desolate. Dark Souls III. A game families will want to avoid in 2016.

Another video for another game. Tom Clancy's Division from Ubisoft. Another apocalyptic ultra violent macabre and morbid game. Laurent Detoc comes out to advertise this anti-family video game. HE has another violent video game to show - Rainbow Siege Six.

A Windows 10 and Xbox One exclusive is now shown in a video. Colorful characters shown shooting other characters is shown. At least one uses swords. The game is called Gigantic, and it will be free. It will release in Beta in August. Now a video for all kinds of indie video games. Some look okay, and some don't.

Chris Charla comes out to talk about ID@Xbox program. He brags about how they allow indie developers to bring their dreams to life in video games. Steve Gaynor comes out to talk about their past game, and their upcoming game - Tacoma. The PC and XBox One will be the first machines to receive this game's release. Derek Bradley comes out to talk about Ashen. Characters don't have faces. Blood, violence and death are a part of this indie game. Sheridia Halatoe comes out to talk about Beyond Eyes. Another game first on PC and Xbox One. Chad and Jared Moldenhauer come out to talk about Cuphead. Chris comes back out to thank the indie developers. Xbox Game Preview is a new offering from Microsoft. It enables the community to purchase games before they are released. Like early access on Steam. He references games that will be coming to to Xbox Game Preview.

Dean Hall comes out to talk about his new game. A video of Ion is shown. It says the game is coming soon.

Brian Horton from Crystal Dynamics comes out. He talks about Rise of Tomb Raider. Yet another macabre and morbid anti-family video game. Weak minded unprofessional profanity is spewed upon us. When will they celebrate morals, ethics, and clean mouths? Blood, death, and peril are shown. November 10, 2015 is when families can avoid this game.

Another Xbox One Exclusive is shown. Propaganda for the video game industry is given to us. Rare games are shown. Rare Replay for $30.00 is shown. August 4, 2015 is the release date. Craig Duncan comes out. He talks about Rare Replay. He also brings up a new game from Rare. The game is called Sea of Thieves. A video is shown and it is an exclusive premiere. Looks to be all about pirates.

Another Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. All about magic and adventure. Lots of violence and death. Fable Legends coming this Christmas. Kudo Tsunoda talks about Windows 10 and Xbox One game sharing. Windows 10 will have VR gaming. Oculus Rift will come with an Xbox One controller. Microsoft HoloLens is also talked about. Lydia Winters comes out to talk about Minecraft. Saxs Perrson comes out to show Minecraft on the Microsoft HolohLens. Looks very impressive.

Rod Fergusson comes out next. He talks about Gears of War Ultimate Edition. Families will want to avoid this on August 25th. He also wants to show another game. A video for a violent game comes up next. Really dark looking video game too. Blood, gore, and tons of violence is shown for Gears 4. Christmas 2016 is when we can avoid that game.

Phil Spencer comes back out. He claims they showed the greatest game line up. Too bad there is not much for families again. Certainly not the greatest game line up. One of their major families may interest families if they are into racing video games. He wants Xbox 360 gamers to upgrade to Xbox One. He advertises their videos channel. He thanks us, and we get a final video showing the games we already saw again. Rehash came pretty quick.


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