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Megamagic Wizards of the Neon Age Announced



June 3, in the year of our Lord 2015 -- Two millennia ago, a meteor stroke against the earth, changing the course of humanity. The survivors developed incredible magic powers and thus started... the neon age. BeautiFun Games announces Megamagic Wizards of the Neon Age.

Two siblings destined to big things
Meet Phoban and Deimon, two siblings that have inherited magic and powerful objects: a book and a staff. But they’re not alone in this story: Phoban is always with Fum, a little smoky creature that’s also his best friend. But aside being a smoky creature and Phoban’s best friend, Fum’s also the key ingredient for the most powerful spell ever created! Yikes! A lot of people will want to get Fum to get all this power, and it’s your duty as friend to protect him!

A huge world full of possibilities
Prepare to become the most powerful wizard… all for the sake of friendship! Explore a huge world full of challenges to beat and enemies to defeat! You will learn spells and even become capable of summon the monsters you have whipped during your journey. Meet all kinds of strange characters, but beware: magic have clearly affected the mind of some people.

Unleash your inner kid!
This and a lot more is waiting for you in Megamagic, the brand new game from BeautiFun Games, creators of Nihilumbra. An exciting title that brings back all the cool stuff from 80s and 90s action cartoons to indulge your inner kid with all you’ve always loved: action, robots, monsters, and more!
Will we you capable of saving your friend... and the world?

• Explore a huge world inhabited by a lot of different characters and factions
• Battle against hordes of different monsters and add them to your grimoire
• Solve puzzles and beat monsters in an intense dungeon crawling style
• Learn different spells, each one with unique properties
• Summon any monster you have encountered before, each one with unique skills
• Original soundtrack composed by Mitch Murder.
• Solve puzzles and beat enemies with a new combat system based on RTS mechs
• Choose your own palette of summons and spells depending on each challenge


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