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Cordova, TN; February 26, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is acknowledging the current video game expansion is thanks to the indie games. Independent developers are creating new genres, concepts, and ways to play video games. There have been a wide range of expansions in the video game industry over the years. From things like CD Gaming, to PC Games, to motion controls, Kinect, and more. The novel and interesting ideas are coming from the smaller studios. The big boys are not innovating like they once did.

Minecraft created its own genre, and plenty of clones followed. Angry Birds, and Flappy Bird both took the casual gamers by storm. Again plenty of clones followed. Terraria, and Crossy Road put a new spin on other games. Both of them are now warranting clones. It makes me wonder if clones are needed to help define something that is innovative. Once every else sees a certain new genre or game play style works they jump all over creating a cookie cutter carbon copy. Even recent games like The Escapists is getting its own clone.

Plenty of indie video game developers have taken the advice from Family Friendly Gaming - you do not need to be the most graphically powerful to create a fun game. How many millionaire do you think Family Friendly Gaming has created from that free advice? I would love for a few of them to send a financial thank you. The really cool thing is these companies have succeeded thanks to the advice Family Friendly Gaming gave them. There are plenty of new, cool, and innovative ideas coming from indie developers. #IDARB is a great example of a below average looking game that is simple, and fun.

This high level of innovation from the indie video game developers is catching the eye of a variety of larger video game developers. They are realizing that massive amounts of money can be made from these extremely creative people. Fans of video games are financing other companies through crowd sourcing sites like Kickstarter. The fans that do this are given wonderful perks and early copies of the games. What innovative ideas do you have for a video game? I know my dad has some wonderful ideas that could sell millions.

God bless,
Kid Gamer
Family Friendly Gaming


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