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Cordova, TN; May 11, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is bringing up some helpful ideas that will improve the entire video game industry. Especially the segment Family Friendly Gaming is in - video game journalism. If you are in the know then you are aware of the corruption in many of the video game websites and magazines. You know about #Gamergate, and you want the bought off nature of too many video game websites to get corrected. I have come up with two major ideas that could improve the problems we are all seeing in the corruption between video game companies and video game journalism. It is my hope and prayer these are implemented industry wide to restore the faith of the readers in the gaming websites that have been paid off.

The first idea is to force all video game media outlets to purchase the games they review. Let all video game media outlets purchase video games for “at cost” rates. When IGN, Family Friendly Gaming, Gamepro, and others have to pay the same price for a game we have finances invested in the products. It helps with the out of touch nature that too many long time reviewers get. When they never pay anything for games, they forget $60.00 is a lot of money. It also keeps the playing field level, and fair. No more fighting among gaming websites over who gets limited reviewable copies. No more buying people off with a reviewable copy early. No more extras coming in to sway the opinion of the reviewing crew. No more PR people abusing their positions punishing reviewers who give lower scores, thus creating an environment with too many over inflated scores.

The second idea revolves around advertising. There is too much back scratching, and threats in regards to advertising. A company gets a bad review and they pull out of massive advertising campaigns. I believe each company should put all of their advertising revenue into a pot. Each gaming media website and magazine should be allowed to file for payments based on work they do. Some of these companies are excessive abusers when it comes to the hated PR Piecemeal strategy (where they consistently send out tidbits of information over a long period of time to stay in the news). Fair rates that are even across the board should be applied to all gaming media outlets. Maybe even have a third party administer the funds. A gaming media outlet should be able to go to them and point out we ran these stories for our millions of readers, please provide some revenue for that work. Or provide an advertisement payment.

There are a couple of caveats to these ideas. First off they should only apply to existing gaming websites and gaming magazines. The companies need to implement a fair and balanced vetting process to determine who should be allowed into these programs. I would say a gaming website that has been around for at least a year, and is updated daily. Too many blogs pop up trying to get games for free. Too many fly by night websites appear trying to get free advertising revenue. On the other side of the coin these companies can not use website tracking sites that have no data on websites, yet do the unprofessional thing and rank them without any knowledge. The PR people will no longer have the duty of passing out reviewable copies so they should have time to properly perform the vetting. So what about you? Will you ask every video game company to implement these reforms? Any ideas how to restore the damage corruption has done to the video game industry?

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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