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Family Friendly 505 Games E3 2015 Lineup



Calabasas, Calif. – June 10, in the year of our Lord 2015 – Global videogame publisher 505 Games today announced its line-up of family friendly titles and announcements that will be showcased at the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trade show in Los Angeles from June 16 to 18.

Highly anticipated titles ABZ, ADR1FT and Assetto Corsa will lead the games being showcased in West Hall, meeting room #505, as well as new mobile titles such as Brothers, Airframe: Nemesis and Ember. Popular returning hits Terraria, Battle Islands and Gems of War also make an appearance.

ABZ is an exploration game where a lone diver exists in a lush ocean world. The diver descends deeper and deeper into the depths, where she will encounter majestic creatures, discover ancient secrets, and search for her true purpose.

ABZ is the first game from Giant Squid, a new game development studio led by Matt Nava, who was the Art Director behind the critically acclaimed and ground breaking game Journey. ABZ will be available for Playstation 4 and Steam in 2016.

ADR1FT is an immersive First Person Experience (FPX) that tells the story of an astronaut in peril, floating silently amongst the wreckage of a destroyed space station with no memory and a severely damaged EVA suit, struggling to determine the cause of the catastrophic event that took the lives of everyone on board.

ADR1FT is in development by Three One Zero, founded by Adam Orth and Omar Aziz. The game will be released in September 2015 and will be available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and STEAM. Virtual Reality (VR) platforms will also be released in the near future upon hardware release.

ASSETTO CORSA, the highly acclaimed racing game currently available on Steam, comes to next gen consoles and debuts all new PC content at E3. Assetto Corsa ups the simulation stakes by emphasizing and focusing on pure physics realism, with precision accuracy across every aspect from the meticulousness car handling to the laser-measured tracks. Created by Kunos Simulazioni, a development studio specializing in the creation of business simulators for the most influential Italian automotive companies – including Ferrari, Assetto Corsa will be making its E3 debut this year showcasing brand new PC content, and will be released on PS4 and XBOX One in 2016.

Brothers – A Tale of Two Son, the critically acclaimed hit, is coming to next generation consoles and mobile devices this coming holiday season. Developed by Starbreeze Studios and directed by filmmaker, Josef Fares, Brothers is an epic story told without words, set in a changing world separated into diverse chapters, ranging from the craggy peaks of mountains to the musty depths of underground caves. This unique mythical world, which draws inspiration from Nordic cultures and archeology, is constant challenging the brothers between the old and the new ways. Brothers will be available this Christmas season on PS4 and Xbox One and also available on the App Store and Google Play.



Airframe: Nemesis is an adrenaline-filled dogfight game, setting a new standard for strategic mobile air combat. Airframe: Nemesis combines a captivating single-player experience and storyline with intense multiplayer battles and live events. Built in Unity 5, the game delivers a visceral experience, from stunning animations and cut scenes to high-polygon aircraft models and jaw-dropping shader effects. Developed by Stratosphere Games, Nemesis is a free-to-play action-strategy game featuring the world’s most advanced aircraft rendered in breath-taking 3D and will launch on the App Store and Google Play later this year.


Ember, a classic-style RPG built from the ground up for mobile by N-Fusion Interactive and Hidden Heroes, is a squad-based strategy/RPG from Lume Games. In Ember, players can engage in more than 30 hours of epic 3D adventure across a diverse and expansive living world featuring 70-plus unique quests, real-time, party-based combat with tactical pause and an in-depth crafting system.


Hidden Heroes centers on building an army, battling for control of the land and creating the greatest kingdom in Stormvale.

Several of 505 Games’ popular titles will soon be launching on new platforms and releasing new content and features to enhance the existing gameplay experience. Among them are:


Battle Islands – the World War II-themed combat strategy game developed by DR Studios, will launch on Xbox One this summer with exclusive content: three all-new air, land, and sea units comprising a heavy gunboat, a motorbike with sidecar, and fighter plane escorts; plus a “Commando” mode that enables players to maneuver units and destroy targets at will with the Xbox One controller.


Terraria – the acclaimed sandbox adventure game created by Re-Logic will release an update this summer for its mobile versions that bundles content from the 1.2.3 and 1.2.4 PC versions – including a quest system, a fishing mechanic, an aquatic boss with an attack reminiscent of the movie Sharknado, plus content inspired by the game's community.


Gems of War – the epic adventure from Infinity Plus 2 that fuses puzzle, strategy, and role-playing into a powerful new formula will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One this fall.


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