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EA E3 2015 Press Conference



June 15, in the year of our Lord 2015 -- We are treated to a countdown to start off the event. Then a country song about a cowboy. Sounds like Johnny Cash to me. Things go into space pretty fast. A humanoid in a space suit pulls a gun, and then we see a video of what will most likely be a macabre and morbid anti-family video game. Called it. Mass Effect Andromeda. This series is also known to be supporting of sexual deviancy.

Everyone is welcomed, including high school students from Los Angeles. EA thinks life is better if we live to play. Normal propaganda we hear year after year. I wonder if they recycle speeches from previous years? I also wonder how many family friendly titles EA will show. EA claims we make them better. Yet they keep doing the opposite of what Family Friendly Gaming says.

Need for Speed is up next. A video is shown. People fleeing the police is shown as well as some vehicular accidents. This upcoming game is in Ventura Bay. This new game will be twice the size of Rivals - according to Marcus Nilson. Tons of customization is being announced. Five stories is also expected to be in this video game. Sounds like EA wants to make Need for Speed like The Crew. November 3rd is when this racing game will be released. Another video is shown related to the game. Customization of the car is shown.

Jeff Hickman comes out to talk about Star Wars The Old Republic. They plan on making it more story driven. October 27, 2015 is when the new expansion pack is coming out. Knights of the Fallen Empire is free to all of their subscribers. A video of the game is then shown. Plenty of blood, and death is shown as well as violence.

Patrick Soderlund comes back out to talk about how great EA is. They want to morph us into their customers. How well a game plays is important to him. He also claims they are listening to our feedback. Again Family Friendly Gaming is not being listened to. He now claims two new original IPs are coming.

Unravel is the first of two new IPs. A video of this string based game is shown. Martin Sahlin comes out to talk about Unravel. He understands that games can change the attitudes and opinions of the people that pay them money for the products. So he made this game where the character leaves string as they move around. The red string represents love, and how we lose the love as we are away from our loved ones. He brought a doll of the main game character with him. Unravel is physics based, and the player must figure out how to get past the obstacles. Martin feels it is like life. Another video of the game is shown.

Someone dressed up like a super hero zombie comes out next. Let me guess Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is next. Jeremy Vanhoozer came out next bragging about the violent shooter Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. New characters from the past, present, and future will join the violence in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2. A demo of the game is shown. Plenty of violence, death, and destruction. And Jeremy thinks this game is for kids? Reality check on aisle EA E3 2015 press conference please. A single player mode is being added to the franchise. Spring 2016 is when this game will release. EA plans on free content long after launch. Another video of the game is shown.

Time for NHL 16. A nice video of hockey is shown. A motivational speech is played while a video of the game and other hockey video is shown. Matt Bilbey comes out to talk about NHL 16. He also claims they have been listening to fans. I wonder if they will do what Family Friendly Gaming asked for. Not yet. He talks about the upcoming golf game. You know they dropped Tiger Woods from the name. He advertises Ultimate Teams in their sports games. He claims they will make you better.

Sean O’Brien comes out to talk about NBA Live 16. He wants to make NBA Live 16 all about you. Selfishness sounds like the root of that. He brings up a kid to use an app to capture his face visually. It will put his image in the game. September 29, 2015 is the release date for this sports video game. Self expression on and off the court is the main selling point for this product. Multiple improvements will keep NBA Live 16 a contender. A trailer of the game is then shown.

Samatha Ryan comes out to talk about mobile games. Star Wars app is announced. Mike Rasmussen comes out to talk about Minions Paradise. Another builder game. Hopefully not one of the repeat pay to play app. Phil is shown causing all kinds of trouble.

Fifa is coming up next as a soccer video is shown. Pele is brought out. He thinks soccer is a beautiful game. He compares soccer to football. David Rutter is the EA employee talking to Pele. They go over soccer and how phrases come to be. Pele talks about his one thousandth goal - which was a penalty kick. They hug, and David stays out to talk about Fifa 16. EA wants to innovate, and again the gamers are referenced. Hopefully EA won’t ruin Fifa with another attack on traditional marriage. They are still losing families over that “glitch.” Can Fifa 16 catch up to the PES franchise? Time will tell. Another video for Fifa 16 is shown.

Sara Jansson comes out to talk about what would happen if we no longer had such government oppression. Mirrors Edge Catalyst is announced. I suspect this will be an ultra violent, anti-family video game. Corps own everything. She claimes there are no levels, and no loading screens. The entire area is open. A video is shown of this game that comes out February 23, 2016. Yup, another violent video game that will make the entire video game industry look bad.

Madden NFL 16 is up next. Seann Grady comes out to talk with Robert Flores. They promote Draft Champions for fantasy football in Madden NFL 16. You can play with the drafted team you pick online or offline. Seann talks about the passing game in football. Quarterbacks, Receivers, and Defenders are being upgraded. Nice video of the football game is shown.

Peter Moore from EA comes out. Time to learn about Star Wars Battlefront is being talked about. He references their Frostbite software. He thinks Frostbite is stunning. Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir from Dice comes out to talk about Star Wars Battlefront some more. Single player and multiplayer modes will be available. A game play video is shown. This is supposed to be from a Playstation 4 on Hoth. Hopefully Star Wars Battlefront will receive a rating that will be inclusive of families. Plenty of violence, and death. Did not notice blood though. All kinds of different vehicles are shown in the battle.

Final thank yous are given.

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