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Cordova, TN; January 16, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is looking at a very important question. Will 2015 be a breakout year for Christian video games? Could it happen in 2015? There have been plenty of good, fun, cool, and entertaining Christian video games in the past. Could 2015 surpass them all? Will we see new home console and hand held Christian video games? Why would we even bring this topic up? There are all kinds of predictions being made all across the video game industry. Plenty of “experts” are weighing in on what trends they expect in 2015.

Family Friendly Gaming asks one question every single year. What would we like to see happen in the video game industry this year? That question leads to brainstorming sessions. All kinds of ideas are thrown around. Christian video games have had good years, and they have had bad years. None of us can forget all of the various successes of Christian video games in the past. From Wisdom Tree to Graceworks Interactive. From Digital Praise to Left Behind Games. From LarryBoy and the Bad Apple to The Bible Game. From Bible Adventures to Hermie & Friends. Christian video games have entertained families for thousands of hours. Could there be something new and exciting awaiting us in 2015?

Indie games are still the major trend in the video game industry. That means there is an opportunity for every Christian video game developer to get additional attention. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft all tout their support of the indie video game community. All three are also facing accusations of being anti-Christian. They may decide to make that accusation go away by allowing some Christian video games on their indie platforms. Steam continues to grow, and welcomes all kinds of indie video game developers. The OUYA is another platform Christian game developers can publish on. Which brings us to the iOS and Android platforms. A variety of newer indie Christian game developers have been publishing games on those platforms.

The fields are certainly ripe for picking. Will it actually happen? Will we see a surge of new Christian video games in 2015? Here comes the most honest answer you will get from anyone in the video game industry. I do not know. I am not God. I am merely a man. I have no major insight into the future of the industry. None of us humans do. What I do know is things I would like to see. I would like to see an eruption of new Christian video games in 2015. That is part of the reason I am writing this article. I have done my part to bring awareness to this issue. It is up to others to act on it.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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