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Cordova, TN; April 20, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is noticing a disturbing trend within the video game industry. Too many big companies are trying to pawn off the costs onto consumers. Whether it is letting gamers participate in the alpha testing of a game so the big video game companies can cut costs on quality control. To the releasing fixes of bugs after the game has been out there for months. To the cost of downloading increasingly large games, and paying hefty fines to the Internet Service Providers. To demands in small print that the buyer (you) of the video game will pay their lawyer fees if they feel the buyer (you) has infringed on their rights. What about the rights of the consumer? Someone at these companies has forgotten that. Because without our dollars you do not stay in business.

Big video game companies used to have ethics, and a feeling of moral responsibility to do right by their customers. Companies were thankful to and for consumers. Companies treated their customers with respect, integrity, and “the customers is always right” mentality. The attitude has shifted. Companies act like we are the enemy. Companies treat us like dirt, and expect us to come crawling back to them. Companies act like we are constantly trying to find ways to rip them off. Companies act like we are using all of our time and efforts to put them out of business. I do not know for certain where all of this paranoia has come from. I expect ROMs and piracy has hurt the bottom line for some companies. Not so much since numerous companies love to send out bragging press releases about making record profits.

Read some of the licensing agreements that come with new video games this day and age. Companies make all of these demands with no input from consumers. They go so far as to claim the property you just purchased is theirs still. If you do anything they consider an infringement on their rights they can sue you, and you have to pay for their lawyer costs. How insane and crazy is that? It is bad enough that buggy and sometimes broken video games are released on the market place. It is even worse when companies expect us to debug their games for them - for no pay. What are we slave labor to them? They make billions and want us to work for them to free. Talk about lopsided, onesided, and totally selfish. To me that is the core of this problem. The attitude at too many large video game companies has moved from service to selfishness.

When something does not sell it is the fault of the consumer for not comprehending how brilliant their ideas are. When they make billions from a product, it is their brilliance that made it such a success. They give no credit to the underpaid media representatives that pushed their products. They give no credit to the millions of consumers who went along with the media representative’s suggestion on purchasing said product. The arrogance is astounding. The self centered nature is sickening. I hope this horrible attitude, and perspective will shift back to service. Because customers can only take so much before they leave your products unsold forever. The big heads in the big video game companies will not understand that they created their own failure.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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