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Cordova, TN; June 19, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is contemplating a very important question. Okay so maybe it is not very important. Only gamers will care about it. Probably only a small percentage of gamers will actually care. The RPG Master is noticing similarities between the role playing game genre and professional wrestling. In professional wrestling there is the WWE, and TNA. Then there are all of these indie little companies. In video games we have Square Enix, and XSeed Games. Namco Bandai Games does a Tales game around once a year (sometimes a bit more). But when it comes to solid role playing games there really only is Square Enix, and XSeed Games. Also worth noting is the size of the companies. Square Enix is huge, and so is the WWE. XSeed Games and TNA are smaller.

Many of the role playing companies of the past have gone away. Others have decided to only make macabre and morbid video games. Leaving families behind, and being exclusionary to children. Is that something Square Enix or XSeed Games may do? Square Enix did recently release a macabre and morbid role playing game called Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. So it is possible that Square Enix will decide they want no more money from families in the future. And thus become completely irrelevant to Family Friendly Gaming. This role playing gamer hopes they decided to keep producing family friendly role playing games. XSeed Games also took a turn for the worse this year at E3 2015. The majority of their games were anti-family. If this keeps up families will be completely ignored and the role playing genre will become totally irrelevant. What is an RPG Master to do? I may have to find a brand new genre to specialize in. One that will be inclusive and celebrate the diversity of EC, E, E10+ and T rated video games.

Pro wrestling has big names that come back for short periods of time. We are seeing that in role playing video games as well. Big name players in professional wrestling come back year after year (many of them week after week). The same thing is happening in role playing games. There is hype surrounding some of the big name players in pro wrestling, and in role playing games. There are more new faces in pro wrestling than there are in role playing games. In fact role playing video games are diminishing as the years go by. They are no longer the thing in vogue. Pro wrestling continues to go strong pay per view after pay per view. With all of the similarities why isn’t there a pro wrestling role playing video game?

God bless,
RPG Master
Family Friendly Gaming


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