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Cordova, TN; March 20, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is going over the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Amiibos. You what Amiibos are right? They are Nintendo’s copycat of the Disney Infinity toys to video games. And of course Disney Infinity is a copycat of the Skylanders toys to video games. Nintendo did not innovate this idea, nor did they get to it second. They are in fact reaching it in third place. Some might even say fourth place if you take into account those little toys that connect in with apps on the iOS and Android. The point is they did not get there first. But now that they are here, they are bringing their own flavor.

Let us get started with the good of the Amiibos. Families can buy one Amiibo and it interacts with multiple games. Certain figures can work with certain games in special ways too. Like families can level up characters in Super Smash Bros. Also the Amiibos are not needed to play the game. In both Skylanders and Disney Infinity you will need those figures to play the game. You can play Mario Party 10, Captain Toad, Hyrule Warriors, Super Smash Bros, Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+ and more without the Amiibo characters. These little figures bring additional content like DLC to the games. There are plenty of cool, fun, fresh, and neat characters for families to purchase. The figures look fantastic.

The bad of the Amiibos is the price. For what you get, the price is too high. There is also a limitation on which characters interact with which games. Some characters are more useful than others. Meaning some characters interact with many games, and others are very limited. Families need to do their research to find out that the cool looking Mega Man does not work with many games. The use of the Amiibos in online battles in Super Smash Bros means the person paying for the best characters is given an unfair advantage. So certain players are buying victory. The only way to compete is to purchase and level up as they have done. It sours the already bad online experience.

The ugly of the Amiibos is prices of hard to find certain characters. Nintendo should pay attention to which characters sold out, and release more on the market. They would make more money, and please their fanbase. Do I really be the voice of reason telling Nintendo how to make more money? They don’t even pay me, and the people they are paying are causing an ugly scene out there. When an Amiibo sells for five times the initial price - Nintendo does not get any of that profit. They have a self interest to release more of the sold out characters. Ones like the Animal Crossing Villager, and Little Mac. The ugly is also the characters like the princesses that are not selling and getting a price drop.

It is my hope as video games keep getting released on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS that they include functionality for the Amiibos. I also hope Nintendo keeps this going for future systems they release. They have some fantastic characters out there, and plan on releasing plenty of new cool figures. Skylanders is making major bank out there on the market, and so is Disney Infinity. Nintendo sees the dollar signs, and I am sure they are making money off these cool toy to video game products. Majority of the Amiibo figures look great.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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