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Cordova, TN; April 24, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is putting a fascinating idea out into the public forum for gamers to debate. Ideas for these articles come from a wide array of areas. I was emailing with Cheryl Gress from ChristCenteredGamer.com, and the idea hit me. Why can’t the video game industry do what the music industry did? Why can’t we have 99 cent ROMS? When the downloading of songs was costing the music industry money, they worked with the download sites to charge for songs. That way everyone won. The companies, the consumers, and the download sites. So why don’t the video game companies do the same thing? It would cost less than suing ROM sites.

Complicating the issue is ROMS is it is completely legal to use ROMS as back ups when a consumer already owns a copy of the video game. So if you own Bonk on the Turbografx-16, you can also have a ROM of that game as a back up. That is completely legal. It could be hard to demand payment from consumers who already own a physical copy of the game. However the 99 cent price tag may be an easier pill to swallow. Plus this would give life to a variety of video games that have been lost in the history of video games. Steam has proven Personal Computer (PC) video games sell. Families like to play on computers. Could you image ROMS being sold on the iOS and Android platforms? Companies that made the games would receive profits from the sales, and not need to sue ROM sites. A win-win scenario.

There is one hurdle I can see with the idea of 99 cent ROMS - the control freak nature culture in too many of these video game companies. Especially the bigger ones. They need to realize that releasing a few games every week on their current systems is not working out. I ignore their retro releases anymore. Their prices are too high, and they are too slow releasing games I am interested in playing. Usually I can find a retro physical copy of a game cheaper than what they are trying to sell it for. Which is why the 99 cent ROMS idea is so perfect for the entire video game industry. It would drive down used video game sales (companies get no revenue from that), companies would get something for sales of ROMS, and consumers would get immediate access to thousands of video games.

What do you think? Could 99 cent ROMS work? Would you be willing to pay one penny less than a dollar for older video games? Do you think it would help with illegal downloads, and piracy? Do you think companies would go for it? What is your opinion?

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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