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Why Are Violent Video Games so Boring?



Cordova, TN; September 29, in the year of our Lord 2014--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is exploring the question - ‘why are violent video games so boring?’ It is a given that murdering a million of some kind of character(s) is a dull way to spend an hour. Have you ever taken the time to wonder why? Or are you one of those millions of Family Friendly Gaming readers that knows the answer to that question immediately? Do you know deep in your heart? Does the activity itself provide the answer? Do you have something to say on this particular topic?

Good ideas, good comedy, and good news articles come out of a question. A question allows us to explore something. A question lets us see diverse answers. A question allows us to exercise our brains. This is where violent video games being boring brings me. I realize that many of our readers know in their heart of hearts murder is wrong. They also know Jesus taught if you fantasize about something you are guilty of that sin. So pretending, play acting, and fantasizing about killing makes us guilty of it. So for millions of people digitally murdering is a horrendous act that we should avoid. I can certainly respect that stance. I can celebrate it in the world of video games. Even though I know many gamers, especially hardcore gamers will attack them instead of celebrating their diversity.

Another issue that comes up for me is the lack of realism in these violent video games. Are we actually that mentally challenged? Who believes the mafia will send three to four guys at you in one room at a time after hearing gun shots in the mansion? Who actually believes these tanks have life bars that are destroyed after we violently attack it in less than critical areas? Who actually buys into all these zombies in these explosively repugnant games? How many of the same looking guys and gals do we need to pummel? Who actually believes we could survive committing massacre after massacre without any law enforcement spider web catching us?

I hear all the time - “it is fantasy.” What kind of a sick mind fantasizes about that? Shouldn’t those people go seek some mental help? Seems like a more healthy outcome to me. How does desensitizing yourself make you a better member of society? How are you making the world a better place by poisoning your mind? Aren’t there games you could play that produce a healthy outcome in your brain? I do not comprehend how getting oneself so close to evil makes them good. Maybe I am missing the boat entirely. Or maybe the boat is going off the waterfall and it is better to be safe on the shore.

I can do the same actions in a puzzle game, and it is cool. For some reason murdering these creatures over and over again in violent video games bore me. Maybe I have reached my life limit on that kind of action in the violent video games, and not in puzzle games. I know my brain is more active in puzzle games. They stimulate and challenge me, whereas violent video games do not stimulate and do not challenge me. I think deep down I am more interested in the light. I am repulsed by the darkness. So becoming bored with darkness may be a mechanism to help me stay mentally healthy. When it comes down to it I believe intelligent, and healthy human beings seek the light. Are you seeking the light?

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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