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What Families want from Harvest Moon The Lost Valley



Cordova, TN; June 8, in the year of our Lord 2014--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is chronicling what families want from Harvest Moon The Lost Valley. This Nintendo 3DS video game has all kinds of potential for families. Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar showed the world what this franchise could do when it listened to families. Will Natsume listen again? Or will they go back to proselytizing like other Harvest Moon games? Family Friendly Gaming hopes their minds, hearts, and ears are open.

Families have been very clear to us at Family Friendly Gaming on what improvements, and changes they want in the Harvest Moon series. Just like Story of Seasons they want certain things that the super majority support. They want Harvest Moon to take the bold and important stand of solidarity with those who support traditional marriage. Video games do not need to try and redefine marriage to fit the twisted screams of radicals who use fear, intimidation, anger, and hatred to get their way. Appeasement has never worked with those kinds of radicals, and it will not work now.

Families have told us they want more animals to raise, train, and have as pets. They would like this area of the farming simulation video game to grow and improve. There are plenty of different animals that could be included in Harvest Moon. Hunting and trapping have also been asked for. Squirrels would make a nice target. What about Duck Hunting for all the Duck Dynasty fans? If only one can appear then trapping for furs is what was higher on the list. Additional plants to grow. Additional areas to grow them - like everywhere. Trees and bushes have been requested as well.

A church, and a pastor have been requested. It makes sense since the majority of country people are rooted deep in their Christian faith. Since the super majority of Americans are Christian it only makes sense to target them with this hand held video game. Almost always attached to this request is for that goddess and witch to be left out. Those two characters make up the majority of complaints Family Friendly Gaming receives on Harvest Moon. It is time to progress past those characters, and to be more inclusive to what Americans want to see in a farming life simulation video game.

God bless,
Yolanda Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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