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Cordova, TN; August 29, in the year of our Lord 2014--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is exploring some deep thoughts within the video game industry. Some of these are funny. Some are odd. Some are just plain deep. Are you ready for some deep video game thoughts? Do you think you can handle them? Take your time and ponder each of them fully. Then send us an email with any thoughts you have related to our video game deep thoughts.

Why aren’t wrestling video games like professional wrestling? In the real world matches in professional wrestling are pre-determined. The athletes go out of their way to make sure they are not hurting their opponents. Yet in wrestling video games it is all about pummeling your opponent and doing moves on them. There is no grading for how well you sell their moves. There is no predetermined outcome. There is no backstage politics that have to be dealt with. No dealing with all of the travel, and seeing a few big name stars earn massive money for a few pay per views. There is some real meat in there if video game developers actually explored the reality of professional wrestling? Show wrestlers trying to get back from an injury. Maybe do a first person perspective with Kinect and have to follow the instructions of the NPC in the ring. The better you do the moves the better you score. Sell it, and get in trouble for injuring them. Work on getting heat with the fans. It could be a WWE Training type of game. Show the behind the scenes and in the ring content. Make players deal with broken promises from management. Deal with other wrestling organizations trying to get you to sign with them.

Where are the video games based on the XFL and USFL? EA Sports has a lock on the NFL in a contract. All these other companies complain they want to make a football game. So why not make one from the failed football leagues? Why not make a XFL video game? Why not make an USFL video game? If you make a good football game based on those leagues, and teams then the NFL may decide to allow diversity within football video games. There are plenty of anti-EA Sports fans out there who would snap up a half decent football game no matter the teams included. Also where are the sports games in the first person perspective? Talk about simulating real sports games.

Why are the violent video games so unrealistic? The companies that make these games brag about how realistic they make things. But aspects like all the blood flying out, never running out of bullets, and never getting arrested for murdering more than Hitler or Stalin. I guess many of these companies feel they can claim realism even when it is just propaganda. I am on to them at the very least, and now you can be too.

Why is there such an imbalance in the video game industry media? Why do they discriminate against Christians so often? When did the video game industry get so political? Why are PR firms seen as moochers? Do video game characters play around in the wires like in Wreck-It Ralph? Do video game characters do anything when we are gone like Toy Story? Has this line of question lost all contact with reality? Have you read Video Game Lies yet? Are all these questions driving you insane?

Why could some franchises move from 2D to 3D just fine, while other franchises died off trying it? What is your favorite video game mascot? Have you ever broken a controller? What is your biggest accomplishment outside of video games? What is your biggest accomplishment inside of video games? Why is it so hard for video game developers to get track and field games right? What did some companies do so poorly that sent them out of business? Do Christian gamers only play Christian games? Why is it that Christian games are given a label, and atheists games are not given a label? Is your brain sufficiently full?

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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