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Cordova, TN; October 26, in the year of our Lord 2014--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is making a bold stand in the terms of Gamergate. The holistic analysis shows video game companies and their PR firms are partially responsible for the Gamergate scandal. The corruption and backdoor politics of too many gaming websites is a direct result of how the video game companies have treated the gaming journalists for decades now. It does not take much research to find a variety of companies trying to impose their will on the gaming media. Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Capcom, and others have all been guilty of punishing gaming media outlets for low review scores.

Video game journalism is a competitive business. Every gaming site is trying to find an exclusive. There is no fairness in this region of the industry. A gaming journalist buys a PR employee a few beers to get in good with them. Maybe they give them more to get a story one hour before everyone else. In fact much worse has been discovered and unearthed. So how exactly did we get to this point? Was it just unethical gaming journalists looking for an advantage? Or was there something deeper going on? Besides the rot of morals and ethics within the society. Which can definitely be attributed to the current situation gamers, and gaming journalists find themselves in.

PR firms and the video game companies want to be seen in the best light possible. They are always trying to guide the discussion in their direction. PR firms and video game companies have been guilty of punishing gaming outlets for a bad review, or an article that breaks their extremely thin skin. Family Friendly Gaming has experienced this punishment over the years, as well as discrimination and death threats because we are Christians. It is amazing that those screaming for celebration of diversity are they themselves the biggest attackers of diversity. What does this have to do with anything? The PR firms and video game companies have been slowly working on modifying the behavior of the gaming journalists. Sort of like training a rat to only go to the red button for food. The green button shocks them. These PR firms and gaming companies have been punishing gaming journalists for decades for reviews, features, articles, and stories that make them look bad.

We all know that a positive review generally results in more sales than a negative one. For companies like Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, and others it is a business decision. They like those who like them, and they drag their feet with those who do not give them their way. So as all these gaming sites are fighting for market share - what are they to do? The path of least resistance is what too many of them have taken. Does it work? Who is the biggest gaming website right now? Notice how they are accused of being bought off? Notice how they are accused of writing overly positive reviews? Staying true to morals is the more difficult path to take. If gamers would support gaming sites that stay true to their morals and ethics they could change the entire industry.

Many gamers are justified in their anger with the corrupt gaming websites. They need to extend their influence to the PR firms and video game companies that created this atmosphere. Tell them you will not support their greed anymore. Tell them you will only support them when they support ethical, and moral gaming sites. Even when there are negative reviews on their products. This constant fluff of buy from our advertisers is killing the image of video game journalism. That means the video game journalists at these sites need to change. They need a revival of their morals and ethics. Be honest, real, and genuine. Disclose what they give you. Family Friendly Gaming is not the only site that fully discloses. Christ Centered Game Reviews does as well. I believe there are other sites out there doing the same thing. Put your support behind every gaming site that being honest, moral, and ethical.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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