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Top Six Video Games for Easter



Cordova, TN; April 19, in the year of our Lord 2014--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is counting down the top six video games for Easter. All six of these games are great to play all year long. They have extra special meaning at Easter. Each of these games has some relation to the true meaning of Easter – Jesus Christ dying for our sins and being raised from the dead three days later. The most important thing to be thankful for.

6. Bible Trivia Avatar Edition (Xbox 360)

First and foremost Bible Trivia Avatar Edition won't break the bank at $1.00. This downloadable game on the Xbox 360 is a great party game for families. There are plenty of questions from the Holy Bible in this trivia game. Families can compete for a high score, and celebrate as they exhibit their knowledge. Bible Trivia Avatar Edition is great way to prepare your mind and soul before going to church every Sabbath. And it is great preparation before going to an Easter service.

5. Noah's Bible Challenge (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Are you looking for a Bible trivia game you can take on the go? Then Noah's Bible Challenge is the perfect iOS app for your family. This game works on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Families can quickly and easily answer questions from the Holy Bible. Noah's Bible Challenge is another video game that will not break the bank since it costs $0.99. The countless hours of replay in Noah's Bible Challenge, make this one app to download. Plus this app can be played on the way to church.

4. The Story of Noah's Ark (Nintendo DS)

Speaking of video games that can be played on the way to church for Easter service, we come to The Story of Noah's Ark on the Nintendo DS. The Story of Noah's Ark is playable on the Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo 2DS as well. All ages of the family can enjoy these fun mini games based on the historical accounting of Noah's Ark in the Holy Bible. The Story of Noah's Ark on the Nintendo DS is polished, fun, educational, fresh, and entertaining. All ages of the family can enjoy this animal based game on, before, and during Easter.

3. Walls of Jericho (PC)

We need to break those walls down in Walls of Jericho on the Personal Computer. This match three video game distinguishes itself in a couple of ways. The Isrealites march around the bottom of the screen while the player clears out as much of the screen as possible. Walls of Jericho was innovative for its time on so many different levels. The amazing power ups kept families coming back for more. Millions have experienced Walls of Jericho on the Personal Computer, and millions more can in the future. Walls of Jericho is a great game to play as you continue to worship God after coming home from church.

2. Interactive Parables (PC)

There are multiple versions of Interactive Parables. They can assist families in studying various books of the Holy Bible. This 3D action adventure first person exploration trivia game is packed with content families can enjoy. Death can come in Interactive Parables, but you will just appear back at the last continuation point. The next time you face that giant shoe you will avoid it. What you wont avoid is the questions that will assist you in learning about Jesus, his life, and his teachings. Interactive Parables is a Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Famer for a reason.

1. The Bible Game (Xbox, PS2, GBA)

The Bible Game is the highest scoring game on the Playstation 2, and Xbox. This home console party game has thrilled families since it was released. There was also a slightly different version of The Bible Game on the Gameboy Advance. It ranked in the all time TOP TEN video games for that hand held system (at number five). Listening to Christian music while playing fun party games is what The Bible Game is all about. There are also some trivia questions here and there to test your knowledge on the Holy Bible. The Bible Game is an all around great video game for Easter. After thanking God for his sacrifice for you, spend some quality time with your family playing The Bible Game.

There you have it – the top six video games for Easter. Everyone here at Family Friendly Gaming hopes you enjoyed this featured article. It was a real blast doing all of the research into good video games for this wonderful holy holiday. If you do not currently own any of these games I strongly suggest you purchase them to improve and enhance your Easter celebration.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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