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Cordova, TN; January 16, in the year of our Lord 2014--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is exploring the top six characters who earned a vacation. You know what its like. You work a job, and your accrue vacation time. Here are six characters who have worked themselves to the bone. They need a vacation. They earned a vacation. They deserve some time off. Besides if they don't use it, they will lose it.

1. Mario

This plumber may be yearning for pipes, and water leaks after decades at Nintendo. Mario is their work horse. He chases after Bowser in frozen tundras, deserts, forests, active volcanos, space, meadows, and more. He plays tennis, golf, baseball, basketball, and more. He fights in a melee brawler. He is a doctor, wind up toy, and then some. He role plays, and dreams with his brother. He gets stuck in ghost houses, and saves princesses. If anyone would like to sit quietly on a beach with no interruptions it is Mario. He could take months off and still have tons of vacation time left over. Mario has earned some time off.

2. Ratchet & Clank

Does Ratchet & Clank need a vacation? Yes. Does Family Friendly Gaming need a vacation from Ratchet & Clank? Definitely. Sony will not let these two settle down quietly on some planet out there. The universe is always in peril. They are needed to throw out lame wise crack smart mouthed phrases. Maybe we just need a break from their mouths. The amount of ammo they go through could fund entire wars. We are used to sports game year after year. Ratchet & Clank games on the PS2 and PS3 have been exhausting. These two have accrued enough vacation time to take some years off. Absence makes the heart fonder, and we want to start to become fond of Ratchet & Clank. We can't miss them until they are gone though.

3. Sonic

If there is one character on this list I do not want to see take a break it is Sonic. I have enjoyed Sonic the Hedgehog games for many years. Just like Mario, Sonic is a work horse. Sega has put him in party games, fighting games, sports games and more. Mario and Sonic work together in Olympic games. They are top dogs that are well loved. Gamers of all skill sets enjoy playing Sonic games. Whether it is action adventure, 2D, 3D, role playing, or more. Let us be honest – Sonic has earned some time off. He has worked hard since the 16-bit era. He has graced multiple systems, and multiple gaming generations. Sonic has earned himself a little vacation.

4. Link

In different worlds, and in different ways Link keeps collecting the Tri-force, saving Zelda, and stopping the evil Gannon. Link also gets to moonlight in other games. He uses his sword to fight in his world and others. Link works diligently in lengthy quests. He works hard on home consoles and hand held devices. The hero in green is panting like he is low on hearts. This poor kid needs a break. Doesn't Nintendo care about child labor laws? Aren't there any adults that can step into Link's leafy shoes to give him a few months off. This young man has earned himself some time off.

5. Angry Birds

Angry Birds exploded onto the scene proving the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad was a serious contender in the hand held video game market. Angry Birds have flown over to multiple home consoles and mainstream hand helds as well. Multiple spin offs made these birds dizzy with all the launching action. They are on T-shirts, have toys in the stores, are on towels and more. Angry Birds have connected with Rio, Star Wars and more. But these poor birds are beat up. They are tired. They need a little vacation away from the rubber band launcher. They need to catch their breath and be thankful for the massive amounts of success.

6. Batman

Batman has been busy since the 8-bit NES days. The Dark Knight has appeared on multiple systems over the decades. Sometimes by himself and sometimes with the Boy Wonder Robin. Some of his games have been based off the comic books, and others off the movies. Batman has pummeled thousands of bad guys across many systems. Some of his games have been good, and some have been sloppy. He has been the star, and just another fighting character. Either way Batman's cowl could rest in Gotham City for a bit. He can go be moody in his mansion for a few months.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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