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Cordova, TN; July 21, in the year of our Lord 2014--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is looking at the top five video games that promote modesty. Yes the video game industry is known for treating women like objects for men to lust after. Yes the video game industry has a really bad image. There are video games out there that promote a good, healthy image of women. What are they? Does your list differ from ours?

5. Virtual City
Wait! What? Virtual City? What is going on here? Am I being punked? No, not at all. Plenty of apps try to use images of women as eye candy for men with lust filled eyes. Too often those apps have nothing to do with those images. Instead you do something completely different. Talk about bait and switch. Virtual City is a city simulation game (think Sim City), that includes a female assistant. She dresses in business attire. She is very helpful and supportive. She knows her role, and she does an amazing job with it. More apps need to follow her fine example. You can have attractive females that promote modesty. Now if only more would follow this fine example.

4. Hardy Boys The Hidden Theft
The Hardy Boys show that women are not the only ones who can be modest. Men can also be modest. This is put on stage for the entire video game industry to see in Hardy Boys The Hidden Theft. This Personal Computer (PC) game is not perfect. It excels at having manners, and shining the light of truth on the darkness. It also shows how important modesty is in our culture. Too few games think of others before self. The Hardy Boys are trying to stop evil, even when it winds up costing them something.

3. Wiffle Ball
There is a reason so few games receive the Family Friendly Gaming seal of approval. Only the best products are put on that list. Guess who is on that list? Wiffle Ball on the Nintendo DS. This clean, safe, and fun game for all ages lets us go out and virtually play wiffle ball. It is a great little sport. As fun as baseball, and cleaner. This hand held gem also shows us it is possible to dress in a modest fashion. We can have fun, and look good doing it. You can look good while staying covered up.

2. We Ski and Snowboard
I lost track of how many video games out there think scantily clad women out in the snow makes sense. I used to snowboard. I know that people cover up out in the snow. Too many video games lost all logical sense when it comes to portraying women out in the snow. Know a game that got it right? We Ski, and then We Ski and Snowboard. Both of those games shredded down the slopes with modest attire. Not only that, these games are fun, fresh, and safe for the entire family. There is a reason both of those games received the Family Friendly Gaming seal of approval.

1. Cooking Mama
Cooking Mama is the pristine example of modesty, and service to others. Take your pick, Cooking Mama, Crafting Mama, Gardening Mama, and all the Cooking Mama sequels. The Cooking Mama franchise has earned numerous Family Friendly Gaming seal of approvals. Cooking Mama is also in the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame. This franchise is one of the best of the best. Mama dresses appropriately. She acts properly. She is always encouraging, helpful, and kind. When I look at thousands of different video games - Mama stands shoulders above the majority of them. If your family is looking for a game that promotes a good female role model, then purchase any of the Mama video games.

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God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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