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Cordova, TN; September 19, in the year of our Lord 2014--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is explaining the Family Friendly Gaming difference. Many in the industry are already aware of this difference. Many gamers that frequent gaming sites are also aware of this difference. Some are still surprised by the difference. There have been requests to provide additional information on the Family Friendly Gaming difference. Which is what this article is all about.

Most companies have their mantras where they recite how they believe in diversity, transparency, integrity, working hard, work-life balance, and more. How many of those companies actually live out their mantras? Family Friendly Gaming believes if you are going to put something like that down, you better do your best to live it out daily. You may stumble. We may stumble. You may fall. We may fall. To have a mantra and ignore it makes no sense. Too often in the video game industry the path of least resistance is taken. Family Friendly Gaming takes the road less traveled. And it is never the path of least resistance.

God is first in all that we do. At the core of Family Friendly Gaming is a foundational understanding that God’s opinion is more important than any human opinion. When a human idea, thought, concept, opinion, or something else opposes God’s; we always go with God. We reject the idolatry of political correctness. In fact we mock it quite often. We revere God’s instructions.

Honesty and intregrity are big things at Family Friendly Gaming. We honestly report on the ESRB. This includes their mistakes as well as the things they do right. We honestly report on the good side effects of video games as well as the negative side effects of video games. We do not take one side and ignore the other side completely. Too many places want to report on one side, and then try and booster that side with propaganda and lies. In dealing with PR firms we tell them how we feel about certain franchises and why. We expect them to listen to what we say.

Listen before speaking. This may seem strange at first. Too many places are all about what they want to say. They do not listen. They only listen if you are puffing up their ego, or they listen enough to key off something you said to debate. Other places want to drown out diversity by shouting it down, deleting posts, and attacking voices that are not regurgitating their opinion. When you listen you may learn something. It may help you draw a new and different conclusion.

Treat every human being the same. It does not matter if you are a CEO or the janitor. Family Friendly Gaming treats everyone the same. I have watched people from other media outlets at trade shows. It is amazing how they change towards people they think can help them versus people they think are beneath them. I am appalled they act that way. Treat everyone fairly, and treat them the same. Attached to this is to be real and genuine. Be who you are. Family Friendly Gaming believes in this wholeheartedly. If something bothers us - we will share.

Sacrifice is at the core of what we do at Family Friendly Gaming. None of us have gotten wealthy off of anything we have done in relation to Family Friendly Gaming. We all living humbly, and give of our time and money. We are not into this for the fame, or glory. Lord knows there is not money in doing this. We do this because we were called by God to do it. We sacrifice on a daily basis. There are plenty of times we would rather do something else. Millions count on us, because God put us here. We faithfully follow and obey.

Family Friendly Gaming is not the only Christian gaming media outlet out there. While I do not speak for any others, I believe they have similar goals, and focus. We are not a lone voice crying out from the desert.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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