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Server Only Games Need Offline Mode



Cordova, TN; December 29, in the year of our Lord 2014--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is giving the people what they want. We routinely hear from a variety of different families on various topics. We also throw in our own attitudes, and opinions on topics. We have been beating around the bush on this topic for a few months now. The time has come to bring this important topic to the forefront of the entire video game industry. Server only video games need an offline mode. Even if it is a port to a complete a different system. Especially older video games like Yslandia and Ultima Online. There is no reason these games can not be released in an offline mode.

Why do some games get released in online only modes? There is the control issue. Plenty of companies want to be in control of the video games you play. If they keep the game on their servers then they are in complete control. Meaning if they choose to shut it down like Ultima Forever, then you lose all access to the video game you paid for. How nice of them to steal from consumers. Some companies claim it would be too expensive and consumers would need a really powerful computer. Yet games like Sim City were released in an on offline mode months after the server only mode was released. This should also be a non-issue in older games. Piracy is another excuse some companies use. Companies can ping your machine and make sure you paid them for the product.

There are even more reasons companies like to do the server only games. Greed comes into play, since they can charge monthly fees for server only based video games. They tell consumers they need constant payment to keep the servers running. Let us play offline and that problem is solved. Development costs are also brought up by numerous companies. They have to update the game twice, and they have to replicate their work in two places for online versus offline. Server only video games harbor a community of gamers. Which plenty of companies like to exploit with tiered based pay systems. See something better, and they get some consumers to covet it. Plus it allows players to play together from all over the world. Yet it excludes families that want to play together locally only.

The development cost of any server only video game should be way cheaper than a brand new game. Even lower than the cost of remastering a video game. Family Friendly Gaming is encouraging every company to release their server only games in offline modes. Physical copies of these games would be wonderful. One step at a time though. There are plenty of fantastic video games that could see new life if they were released in offline only modes. These companies need to stop being such control freaks and provide the consumers what they have asked for.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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