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Cordova, TN; May 7, in the year of our Lord 2014--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is sounding off on the Let’s Play Videos. Are you versed in what the Let’s Play videos are? Just in case you are not, let me explain what they are. These are videos that gamers make of video games. They play levels, bosses, and more. They post them on Youtube, and monetize them. The monetization is Google ads appearing at the bottom of the screen. Google is very stingy with payment so it can take months to years to earn the $100.00 Google requires to pay out what they have earned. Generally it does not pay out a lot of money, but a few have been able to live off of it.

Companies like Nintendo, Disney Interactive Studios, and EA have decided they do not like the little guy getting paid anything off of their video games. They feel these gamers are making money off of their copyrighted material. They feel they should get the money that has any correlation to their games. The gamers who make the Let’s Play videos are talking in these videos. They are capturing the video of their game play sessions with devices they have to purchase. It can take them years to get back their investment. That is not counting having to purchase these games. Which is another financial hit they take. The Let’s Play is a fledgling and pretty new business. The big dogs have decided to stomp down on the little guys in this instance.

Youtube decided that they would either allow no monetization of what these companies claim is their copyrighted material. Or they would give all of the money to the companies. Even though the little guy contributed a substantial portion of the content in those videos. Family Friendly Gaming believes Youtube made a colossal blunder. They should have gone 50/50 with the gamers and the companies. It is true that the video game companies published the video games. And that portion of the video is their creation. They also sold the game to someone who has modified it into something else. Something new, and something exciting. So the gamers doing the Let’s Play videos have also created brand new content for which they are allowed to make money off of.

Companies that make video games need to stop being so selfish and greedy. It is hurting them. The Let’s Play videos is free advertisement for them. Plenty of consumers have purchased games after seeing Let’s Play videos. By taking their revenue stream away, they have killed interest in their games. In fact Family Friendly Gaming has talked to numerous Let’s Play personalities. They have stopped buying systems and games from Nintendo, Disney Interactive Studios and EA. They are working on games from companies that allow them to do so. They are giving them free advertisements. They are promoting their products.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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