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Cordova, TN; August 25, in the year of our Lord 2014--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is recognizing that in some cases less is more. You probably heard the phrase before right? Someone explains how less of something can be better. In some cases less of something can make you desire it more. Too bad the person who came up with the PR Piecemeal strategy had never heard of it. It is also too bad that all of those people in PR that follow the PR Piecemeal strategy never bring up: “Less is More.” If they had heard of it, they would make the entire entertainment industry so much better. There would be less greed, and less selfishness. There would be more patience, kindness and consideration. Okay, so maybe I am a bit of an optimistic dreamer. Would you prefer all the gunk happening, or make the industry a better place for everyone?

Too often the people in the PR industry treat the media outlets as slave labor. Do all of this work for a free game. I started running down the costs. Family Friendly Gaming publishes press release after press release. There are videos, screenshots, and more. The price tag gets pretty high for some games. We are talking four digits of cost on our side. What do we get in return? A one dollar game up to as high as a sixty dollar game (when they actually provide a game). The scales are tipped way out of balance. Where are all those Star Wars people who want balance eh? Part of the problem is the PR piecemeal strategy. They throw us a few crumbs at regular intervals. That way the client paying them is always in the news. There isn’t any set amount so too many in the PR industry are abusing the media.

What is the downside? Isn’t it a big upside for these companies, and the PR firms? I mean after all the companies get more exposure, and the PR firms keep getting paid. Again even though we in the media are helping these companies make money, we are not given any of the profits. So we are making these companies and PR firms wealthy with our work, and not getting any of the financial benefits. The gaming media being abused is one problem. Another is comments we have read from readers. Here is a great one: “thank you for publishing all of those videos for {GAME NAME REMOVED}, I don’t need to buy it since I have seen most of the game in your videos.” Guess who gave Family Friendly Gaming all those videos? The PR firm. They got it from the company making the game. So they can lose sales thanks to sending out too much content. These readers have a valid point. Why spend their hard earned money on something they have already seen the majority of?

It brought me to a realization recently. Less content released for these games is more. People do not want to see a few new pictures every single week. People do not want to read the same press release every two weeks. What does that reference? Some PR firms send out a press release about a game coming out in two weeks. The press release has the exact release date on it. Then two weeks later they send out the exact same press release. The only difference is they changed it from it comes out on August 25th (for example), to it comes out today. All of the rest of the paragraphs are exactly the same. We caught on to this recently and stopped doubling our effort for the same content. We have found this in screenshots, videos, and press releases. Places are trying to get us to do double the work on the same content over and over again.

What many in the PR industry forget is their job is to sell us on the story, screenshots, videos, etc. Too many of them make little to no effort in their job. Family Friendly Gaming has been crystal clear this last decade on what we cover, and why. We have explained our motivations. We have been transparent on what are interests are. The only way anyone in PR could be clueless about this is if they have not read what we have published over the last decade. We say the same things on videos, in public that we say behind closed doors. Less PR Piecemeal, and more of the things we have asked for is what we want. The thing is the PR firms need to first care about us in the media as people. The PR firms need to think of others before they think of themselves - at least once a week. For that to happen there needs to be a major renovation/reform within the PR industry. The relationship between media and PR needs to modernize.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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