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Cordova, TN; August 22, in the year of our Lord 2014--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is recognizing the diminishing effort in download only video games. The sad reality in this day and age is too many video games are not being given the opportunity to be sold on physical media. These are what we call download only video games. The only way to purchase and play them is to have an Internet account, account with the company, and a device to download the game to. These games are getting smaller and shorter. They are becoming less and less cost efficient for families, gamers, and anyone interested in making a purchase.

Take a physical disc copy role playing game like Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII. Gamers can spend sixty hours or more playing this physical copy video game. Compare that to the download only role playing game Child of Light. Gamers might be able to get twelve hours out of Child of Light. That is a huge swing in game play time. Why is there such a diminished effort in games? One of those games makes it onto a physical copy, and the other is download only. Download only video games are smaller, shorter, and not worth as much. At the time of writing this Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII costs twice as much as Child of Light. And it gives five times as much gameplay. Video game developers are putting forth less effort. There are plenty of comparisons that can be made. Like the physical copy of the Journey collection gives families more games for a better price than downloading them directly to each video game system.

Look at the overwhelming majority of apps on the iOS and Android platforms. They are short, meaningless game play experiences. As Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony allow these games on their systems they lower the value of the entire video game industry. The market is flooded with download only video games. Which lowers expectations. More gamers need to stand up and state: “we expect more out of these games.” We all need to play physical copies of games. Spend our gaming time with games that give us a good bang for our buck. When download only video game sales tank, companies will rethink their strategy. You have the power to make change in the industry. You can move these companies back to physical copies of video games. Or you can accept that they are selling you shorter and smaller games for comparable prices. Sometimes the download only games wind up costing more money when compared to compilation packages of physical copies.

Please note there are always exceptions to the rule. Sandbox games can provide a reasonable value for the price. Minecraft started download only, and then published a physical copy. So download only games can enter the physical market.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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