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Lack of Honor in the Industry



Cordova, TN; April 18, in the year of our Lord 2014--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is discussing the Lack of Honor in the Industry. Yes it is true the bad experiences stick out in our minds much more than the good ones. Certain companies have the same problems no matter who is at the helm. No matter what contacts Family Friendly Gaming may have – certain places play the same mind games over and over again. Certain companies break promises as quickly as they make them. Certain companies have a twisted perspective of what Family Friendly Gaming should do for them.

Like we have talked about many times in the past – Family Friendly Gaming makes many of these companies a ton of money. Our stories, recommendations, and approvals turns into thousands of dollars for some companies. Other companies rake in millions of dollars thanks to the tireless work of everyone at Family Friendly Gaming. We get no kick backs. We get no financial thank yous from the vast majority of these companies. So they take all that money we make them for granted. What Family Friendly Gaming giveth it can also take away. And we have too. Companies that decide to only produce macabre and morbid products. We ignore them. Companies publish garbage and we review it as such. Companies have gone bankrupt, and franchises have been canceled. Thanks in part to the sword we wield. It is a dangerous power to hold. One that comes with a great responsibility.

We are always striving to do the right thing here at Family Friendly Gaming. If we give our word then we do everything within our power to make it come true. It amazes me that as companies get bigger they forget words like honor, trust, loyalty, compassion, and truth. Smaller companies have a way better track record of keeping their word. Ensenasoft, Mojang and Playjam are companies that have kept their word and proven they care about people. I thought about calling out a few of the bad big companies, but decided against it. They know who they are. They could learn how to behave thanks to companies like Ensensasoft, Mojang and Playjam. They could do the right thing instead of worship even more profit. Thing is they would get more profit if they started to do the right thing. I hope the bad companies and their ilk listen. I hope they turn it around. I hope they embrace honor.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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