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Hostility Directed at Microsoft for Buying Mojang



Cordova, TN; October 23, in the year of our Lord 2014--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is taking an honest look at the hostility directed at Microsoft for Buying Mojang. Most gamers know the story by now. Notch never intended Minecraft to get this huge. He is not a people person. He wants to be left alone. He does not want to deal with all the global drama. So Microsoft swooped in with 2.5 billion dollars to buy up Mojang. The entire industry was shocked, and there were plenty of knee jerk reactions. After all Microsoft has a horrible image in the video game industry.

The smoke has not settled from the Microsoft acquisition of Mojang. Family Friendly Gaming has been provided information that multiple mod organizations are walking away from Minecraft because they refuse to work with Microsoft. Which brings up an interesting question. How involved will Microsoft be with the cash cow Minecraft? Will Microsoft take their hostility towards Christians and apply it to Minecraft? Minecraft had been a game friendly to Christians - one of the reasons it has been so successful. The Christian gaming community is paying close attention to what changes the game is given.

Is Microsoft trying to buy good relations with Christians and gamers with the purchase of Minecraft? If that was their goal it has already back fired. There is all kinds of anger coming from Minecraft gamers towards Microsoft. As well as threats that Microsoft better not mess with the Minecraft game and formula. Microsoft is not known for their ethical business practices. So the majority of the mistrust of Microsoft is well founded. Can Microsoft do anything to alleviate the fears? What can Microsoft do to stop the mass exodus of Minecraft gamers? Is Microsoft stuck being the villain in the video game industry?

I interviewed multiple people for this article, and not one was positive about Microsoft purchasing Minecraft. Here are some comments I received: “I will never play Minecraft again,” “Microsoft is already too rich and too greedy, none of my money for them,” “this is a black day in the industry, Microsoft has destroyed my childhood,” “I will never update Minecraft again,” “I will follow Notch and drop Minecraft,” and “Microsoft is the worst company to ever work with.” I myself have had good experiences and bad experiences with Microsoft. I have seen their dark side, and their very thin skin. I have also seen them try to do the right thing - usually after massive gamer outrage. I am personally glad I never got into Minecraft. I feel bad for everyone who got deeply into Minecraft.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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